Friday, May 22, 2009

Here are some more projects for you to enjoy.

A couple of years ago, three friends stitched Flowers for Lily as a birthday gift for another friend, Leigh P. of Louisiana, who had mentioned this was one of her favorite charts. Jennifer C. of Virginia stitched the scissors fob, and Jodi B. of Wisconsin stitched the needleroll. Then they sent the piece off to Rachel H. of Utah who assembled it. Nice work, ladies!

Here are two more examples of Californian Donna Granger’s beautiful work.
The first project is Beauty and Grace. Donna’s photos show the front, back, and inside of the case with its mattress-style pincushion and ribbon-embellished needlepage.
Next is Donna’s Strawberries So Faire sewing roll. I particularly love the way she attached the ribbon to the sewing roll.

Donna, you did an exquisite job of stitching and finishing on both projects!

I always enjoy hearing from stitchers with notes and photos of your work. Please keep them coming.

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