Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Here are three more wonderful completed Ackworth Friendship Books.

The first one is from Kathy N
from Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Kathy did this project as a Round Robin (RR) with nine needleworkers. Each person stitched the front and back cover of her own book, and the other eight in the group each stitched a page.

Kathy wrote, "Our RR was truly an international one, with stitchers from Canada, the US, Australia, and the UK. It was a pleasure to stitch a new page every 6 weeks or so, and see all the pages that had been completed. This book is full of wonderful memories, and will always be a treasure."

Kathy's book is stitched on 28-count Snowdrop linen by DMC with Purple Haze overdyed thread from Weeks Dye Works.

Lavon M from Pittsburgh stitched her lovely book on 30-count off white linen using Soy Luster Hummingbird Wings floss.

And last but not least is Cheryl M's striking book on red linen. Cheryl is from LeClerc, Iowa.

Cheryl wrote, "It took about a year to complete the journey to each friend, who stitched a page, and then mailed it onto the next person. It was an enjoyable project, where we each stitched the same page at the same time, and then added our own initials to the page we stitched. Lavon, Lynne, Amanda, Kathy, Murf, Mar, Sue, Mo, and I each stitched a page, with the growing booklet going from the US to Australia, Canada and Scotland before making its way back to me.

"I used a fabric from The Blended Needle called Ruby. I wanted to use what I had if I could. I selected The Thread Gatherer’s Silk ‘n Colors Victorian Rose thread. I must admit finding a suitable fabric to finish it was quite a challenge. Next time, I would select my linen and finishing fabric first and then find thread to match! I used Charland initial charms for the front page instead of stitching my own initials. (The photos may be missing one of these as I added the final one after it returned to me.)

"Kathy is a superb finisher and finished the book for me and at least one other person in the group along with her own. It is quite a lovely heirloom for each of us with a small card with a thought written by each person included in each pocket.

"I thoroughly enjoyed stitching your design along with such close friends!

"I am quite taken with the green on your blog as well. That might be another choice for the next project! "

Aren't these books fantastic? I'm so glad that your group enjoyed this project. I know that the books are very special to you have been stitched by your friends. Thank you for sharing your pieces with me.

Photos of some of the other finished books can be found on Kathy's blog.


Vaida said...

Lovely books - and a great idea for RR!

N E E D L E P R I N T said...

Ellen you are so talented to come up with this original and beautiful design - the girls at Ackworth School would be proud of you for keeping their motifs alive and relevant to today's stitchers. We love you and your designs. Keep shining!

With My Needle said...

The book makes an easy RR because you are only sending one page to each person along with the chart and thread. If you (as book owner) do the backstitching around each page, your friend will only need a couple of hours to do the rest of the stitching.

Thank you for the very kind words. They mean so much coming from you. I hope "your gals" are smiling as they see the continuation of "Ackworth friendships".