Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The photos today are from Alexandrina in Moscow. Alexandrina wrote, "I really enjoy your design. It was very fun for me to stitch and sew this little turtle. He (I think this turtle is really HE!!!) will be a good friend for my Micromouse - design is mine. My little son loves this tiny!!"

These photos are part of what Alexandrina calls the Quaker Turtle Russian Adventure. Aren't the photos terrific? I wonder what Mr. Turtle is saying to Micromouse. Don't you?

The outside photos were taken on a snowy day in Moscow. Poor Mr. Turtle....he certainly has quite a climb, doesn't he?

Alexandrina's photos are from her blogspot http://sashkinhouse.blogspot.com/. You need to check it out.


Anonymous said...

alexandra's turtle turned out so nice!
and her micro mouse is a cute friend to the turtle!

i'm so glad you now have a blog ellen!!!

joann in TX

Alexandrina said...

Hi, Ellen! Nice to see you on blogspot field! Thank you for your post. I realy like your designs. And especially The Quaker turtle design.
Greetings from Moscow!
Look, I have another one blog http://matryoshkabiscornue.blogspot.com/.
Best regards!

With My Needle said...

Thanks, Alexandrina, for sharing your wonderful photos.

It was so exciting for me to see a Quaker turtle on a Russian adventure.

Theresa from Arachne's Silken Web said...

A travelling quaker turtle! How charming!

I can see quaker turtles turning up all over the world.