Thursday, June 25, 2009

Very early tomorrow morning, I leave for California.

Here is my teaching suitcase all packed and in the family room ready to go. On top are my notebooks for the two classes, and below that is all the linen and fibers. The charts and other supplies were shipped a few weeks ago, but I always hand-carry the linen and fibers. It would be impossible to get them replaced in time for a class if a shipped box got lost. My class models are also in the suitcase.

If you look carefully you can see what looks like something in a plastic bag. That is exactly right! I have learned that fish-shaped bodkins always set off the airport x-ray machines. (Seems they look like knives to the machines.) I have learned from past experience to open up the tri-fold sewing case and put it in a plastic bag with the bodkins exposed. Then when I go through security, I take the plastic bag out of my suitcase and send it through the machine separately. It still gets strange looks and often questions, but at least I don't have security rummaging through my suitcase.

I was hoping to finish part 4 of the Mary Wigham sampler before leaving tomorrow...but alas that is not going to happen. I've simply run out of time. I'll take her with me and perhaps be able to catch up while gone. The photo is lousy as my camera is giving me fits, and I had to take the photo with the camera on my phone.

My posts will most likely be spotty until I get back.


karenv said...

Your Mary Wigham is looking fantastic Ellen! Enjoy your trip.

Margaret said...

Have a great time in California! I love your Mary Wigham.

gio162 said...

Great stitching on Mary Wigham, Ellen! Have a good time on your trip.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip Ellen
Your Mary Wigham is wonderfull!!!