Friday, August 14, 2009

A Petit Sampling Etui (a limited edition collaboration project)

Just a reminder that the next on-line needlework show will take place October 7-12, 2009. I'm working on three new designs that I hope to have ready.

Earlier this year, I along with with my friends Louise (Cherished Stitches), Pam and Susan (Praiseworthy Stitches), and Clara (The Stitching Parlor) released A Petit Sampling Etui. This special collaboration project is a limited-edition of 2000 charts. When these charts are gone, no more will be available.
Each outer panel of the etui is a small sampler. These samplers can be assembled into an etui following the detailed assembly instructions in the package. Assembly photographs are included. The samplers can also be stitched and framed individually or together on a single piece of linen.

The top and bottom panels of the etui feature motifs from the side panels. Inside the etui, the heart theme from the outer panels, is carried through with the wool needlepages, pockets, scissors, and thread rings. The side panels are joined with silk gussets, closed with silk ribbons, and fastened with a button closure on the top. The etui measures approximately 6 inches square--a generous size for holding your needlework tools.

It has been wonderful to hear from some needleworkers who are currently working on this project. I have even seen some in person. I know of one guild that is doing this as their 2009 guild project. Hopefully, I'll have some photos to share shortly.

If you don't have this project and want it, I suggest you don't delay because our number of remaining charts is getting low. Your local shop can order the chart for you through Praiseworthy Stitches by contacting them now or at the on-line show in October.


Carol B. said...

Oh goodie!! New from "With My Needle" - always a good day when we hear things like this!!

Carol B.

Margaret said...

I swear I'll do this one at some point! Just a matter of when. :D

Stitch Witch said...

I have completed sides one and two and I am now working on side three. The first two took (me) a lot of time. I think side three will be faster. I have a self imposed deadline line of Christmas to complete the stitching and hope to assemble in Janaury. It is leaving me little time to stitch anything else but I am enjoying it.

Pat in SJ said...

My sampler guild is the one that's working on it. We're aiming to have all the stitching done by our January meeting, where we'll all try to begin assembling it. Quite a few of us have at least 3 panels done, and some have 4 or 5. If you like, and if I remember, and that's a big IF, I'll take some pictures at our next guild meeting and send them to you.