Monday, August 17, 2009

Robbin's A Quaker Pin Cube wins two blue ribbons!

When Robbin Douglas of Massachusetts told me her Quaker Pin Cube recently won two blue ribbons at the Barnstable County Fair, I asked her to send me a photo of the pin cube along with the ribbons.
Robbin wrote, "I know you've already posted picture of my pin cube, but I thought you'd be pleased to know that I entered it in the county fair near where my parents live and it won a blue ribbon and a special recognition award as well. I don't usually enter cross stitch, but I just love these little pieces. Your turtles were the first things to go to the New England fair last year and the pin cube is signed up to join them this year in September. I thought you'd like to hear the judges’ comments, as they reflect on your design and your wonderful stitching instructions as much as my stitching. They said "Amazing Piece. Exquisite Designs. Finishing is perfection. Attention to detail is outstanding; beautifully executed."

"I don't think I could have received as nice an award or as nice comments without the lovely designs and the incredibly thorough instructions that you always give us. So thanks very much. I have so many of your little things I really want to get back to at some point. Oh, I took the cube to my EGA meeting on Thursday and had to check pockets to make sure it didn't walk out with anyone. I'm doing an easy workshop on over-one stitching for the group, and I'm going to bring the cube and the turtles and the Quaker Needlework Treasures to show some of the fun pieces out there as I think people were inspired."

Perhaps you remember seeing other photos of Robbin's Quaker Pin Cube on July 6, 2009.

Last year Robbin's Quaker Turtles also won a ribbon at the fair. You can see a photo here. You can see even more photos of Robbin's wonderful work by putting her name in the "Google" search engine on the sidebar of this blog.

Robbin's mother-in-law Anne, who lives in England, is also an avid needleworker. Robbin told me that Anne has also stitched Quaker Turtles, but hasn't yet assembled them. Perhaps the next time Robbin is visiting Anne, she can encourage her along the way with the finishing work.

Thanks, Robbin, for sharing your most recent award for your beautiful workmanship and also for the very kind words you said about the instructions. As you know well, we work very hard to furnish very detailed instructions. It is so rewarding for me to see your beautiful workmanship on the finished project.

Good news on my personal stitching. Early this morning, thanks (??) to a sleepless night, I put the final stitches in on my Mary Wigham sampler. I still need to check the piece over to make sure I haven’t left off any motifs or do-dads. After I press the piece, I'll try to remember to take a photo before taking the sampler to be framed.

One of my cousins just sent me this photo taken in January of my Uncle Jack on his 85th birthday which he celebrated in Chincoteague, Virginia. The smile on his face is his typical grin.


Margaret said...

Congratulations to Robbin! The combination of her talents and your design is a winning one. I love that picture of your Uncle Jack. He looks so charming! I know you will miss him.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Robbin D for her winning all those ribbons! and to you Ellen for such great designs!

love your uncle jack's photo!

joann in TX

Fran├žoise said...

oo Extraordinaire!!