Thursday, October 15, 2009

Have you ever had one of "those" days?

Wednesday was one of "those" days!!

The furnace repairmen were out once AGAIN to work on our furnace that is only 2-1/2 years old. They arrived at 7:30am. After multiple trips over the past year and a half, they have finally agreed that we have a lemon and will replace our current furnace next Thursday. They thought they had put a temporary fix on it, but alas not. For most of the day it would get part way through a cycle and cut off so we were running up and downstairs to restart it once we got too cold.

Then in the afternoon, I thought that I would burn a few papers that were in the fireplace before the man comes over today to talk about putting in a gas line. BAD mistake…the damper wasn’t open, and the whole house filled up with smoke like you wouldn’t believe … that is NO exaggeration. It was very scary. I called Tom who was at church, and he called the fire department. By the time the fire department arrived, with the sirens blaring, the fire was out, but there was still lots and lots of smoke. The wonderful firemen set up a fan to suck out the smoke, but it’s still rather smoky. Thankfully, there doesn't appear to be any smoke damage, but I'll know better once it is lighter outside.

Most of the afternoon and evening, it was rather chilly in the house to say the least with open windows to air out the house and a malfunctioning furnace. However after numerous phone calls with the furnace place and lots of experiments on Tom's part, the heat has been running for almost 12 hours without our having to run into the basement to hit the reset button. Wish us luck that this continues until the new furnace arrives, or we may be knocking on the door of someone who has heat.

We went out to dinner to get out of a smoky house and then off to buy a new answering machine since ours has “given up the ghost”. With all of the disruptive activities, I got very little stitching done on Mary Busby. Perhaps you had better luck than I did. I hope so.

Here's hoping that Thursday proves to be a better day for the Chesters. Poor Tom is already back at church. (It seems like he has been living there over the past two weeks.) Some of the plaster on the ceiling of our 150 plus year old church fell. It is suspected that the damage was caused by a lightning strike. Tom, as junior warden and long-time member of the Buildings and Grounds commission, has been overseeing the work. The hope is to be back in the church by Sunday, but that looks iffy since the scaffolding is still up. Hopefully, they'll be able to start painting today, and then over the weekend move the pews back in place.

This photo was taken in 1915, but things still look pretty much the same.


Anonymous said...


What a horrible thing to happen, I am sure you were beside yourself, I don't think we all can imagine anything happening to our homes, our stitching, our lives. I am glad to know you and Tom are fine, the rest doesn't really matter.


Michele said...

Dear, Oh, Dear! Hope everything resolves soon. What a beautiful church building!

Charlene said...

Oh, my, it's bad enough when smoke from the stove sets off the fire alarm. Here's to 'one of those days' not happening for a long, long time - or ever again!

ohiofarmgirl said... I had one of those days and on top of is my bday. I think I am invisible..or at least I feel like it.
Tomorrow has to be better, doesn't it. Best wishes, Dianntha

Ellen said...

Thanks, everyone. Things are beginning to look up.

Dianntha, happy belated birthday. I'm sorry that you had one of "those" days, especially on your birthday. Do you think there is something in the air in Ohio? I hope that today is off to a better start for you.