Friday, October 2, 2009

What I've Been Stitching

On Tuesday, I dropped off My Quaker Lady for framing at Carol's and at the same time picked up Mary Wigham. I'm quite pleased with the results. Now to figure out where to hang "her". I’m thinking of putting her with Ann Trump and Maria Spence, also Ackworth school girls.

I asked Tom when he photographed Mary today if he would also take a photo of Ann Pennsylvania Peacock designed by Cindy Daly Bradford (Little by Little). I finished this over the winter. One of the charming things about this sampler is the paper face which was included in the chart package. Since this was not a reproduction, I made some changes to the colors and design--some on purpose and then others accidentally. I then decided that I would put in my mother's (maiden) name and where she was born and grew up. I thought that this would be a lovely way to honor my mother. Several friends suggested that I add my name; there wasn't much room, but I did squeeze in "worked by her daughter Ellen".

While at Carol's, I saw a stack of sampler charts sitting on a table so I leafed through them. One that particularly caught my eye was Deborah Walker, a Quaker sampler from the Chester County (Pennsylvania) Historical Society. I have had Deborah on my "to do" list for some time. When I told Carol, she decided that she too wanted to stitch Deborah and we could do our own two-person stitch-along. Way back in 1999, the two of us did another two-person stitch-along when we both stitched The Embroideress by Joanne Harvey (The Examplarery). What a great time we had then and are now looking forward to working on Deborah Walker together!


Margaret said...

They're both so lovely, Ellen! Great frames too! I really want to do Ann Pennsylvania Peacock sometime. If you end up with a Quaker wall, I'm sure we'd all love to see it. :D Have fun with your two person SAL!

omashee aka Barb said...

Ellen, Mary turned out stunning! Both pieces are lovely. I would love to see your "Ackworth" wall. A two person SAL! How wonderful & fun!

Anonymous said...

I would love to baby sit Mary Wigham if you can't figure out where to put her. She would have lots of room to 'hang out' at my house. lol.
I think she turned out lovely. Can't wait to get back to my project. Thanks for posting Mary Watts. I like her too. who designed her as a repro, I am a littel confused in your post? I am getting into primative pieces and decorating more and more. I think I am gravitating to the simplicity of the look.

Marianne said...

Mary Wigham turned out stunning! So did you put her next to your two Ackworth pieces? I think that would make a lovely grouping! Is there a pic of Deborah Walker?