Thursday, October 8, 2009

A thank you...

Tom asked me to post the note below expressing his thanks for his birthday surprise.

Dear Stitching Friends,

Many thanks to all of you who sent me a birthday email. It was quite tricky of Ellen to ask you to write me, and my mailbox was quite choked for several hours. But it was really fun to watch things appear in the inbox, arriving first from the Asia/Pacific region, and then generally following the sun westward. Several more birthday emails have trickled in over the last week. It's amazing how stitching has connected so many people around the world.

Sincerely yours,


Sandra said...

I'll be sure to come and say hello Tom, if I see you at one of Ellen's classes.

Margaret said...

Oh that's so sweet! I hope someday to take one of Ellen's classes -- I'll be sure to introduce myself if I get the chance!

Cynthia said...

Dear Tom,

So sorry I missed your birthday wishes surprise. I hope you had a wonderful day filled with family, friends, and fun. Wishing you all good things for the year ahead.


Patti said...

Dear Tom,

I'm sorry I missed your birthday too. WOW what a lot of candles - glad they didn't burn the house down though. I hope you had a great day filled with everything you wished for yourself.

Love Patti xxx

Ellen,With My Needle said...


Poor Tom didn't have a cake...with only the two of us at home, I didn't make him one. (I did bake him his favorite chocolate chip cookies.) The cake photo is a piece of free clip art I used to "set the mood".

KsMaryLou said...


Happy belated birthday wishes. Even though Ellen didn't bake you a cake, chocolate chip cookies aren't a bad deal. LOL I hope to meet you in March when Ellen teaches at Excelsior Springs.

Mary Lou