Thursday, November 12, 2009

Visiting Needle Craft World in Kissimmee

I often visit needlework shops when traveling. On our recent trip to Florida to visit family, I went to Needle Craft World in Kissimmee. It is very near Disney World and attracts customers from all over the world. A map on the wall is marked with pins indicating the locations of the shop's customers--it's an impressive showing.

Needlecraft World has been in business for over 30 years, and Cathy is the third owner. She has been the owner for four years. Cathy is a very enthusiastic person and is constantly encouraging her stitchers to try new things. Her enthusiasm must be contagious to those who visit her shop.

One thing Cathy does is hold contests. When I was there, I saw a tree with some darling scissors fobs that her customers had made. They were so different, not only with the stitching but also with the finishing ideas. Cathy also tries to get the stitchers to make sure that they put their full names and the year on each project; this serves as documentation for future generations.

Although the shop is small, Cathy has packed lots of goodies in it. She can also always order things for you.

Here are a few photos from the shop. The first one is of Cathy with Duncan. In the background you can see some of the variety of charts she carries.These lovely teacups are in the front window of the shop. Of course, they immediately attracted my eye. Cathy says that someday they will be made into teacup pincushions.If you are ever in the Kissimmee/Disney World area, check out Cathy and Needle Craft World at 4151 W Vine Street. You won’t be disappointed. The shop phone number is 407-933-5955. You might even want to call ahead and find out when her monthly stitch-ins are. It would be fun to attend one. (I had just missed one the night before.)

The last photo is of the swans in Lake Eola which is only a block or two from where my father lives. There was an art festival going on there over the weekend so we walked around it. However, we got less than half way around when our daughter phoned to say that she, Greg, and Haiden had arrived. You can probably guess that we hurriedly headed back to see them. (Tom walked so fast that I couldn’t keep up with him!)


Margaret said...

Oh that's good to know about -- if we ever go to Disney World again, I'll be sure to check out Cathy's shop! Too bad you didn't get to explore the area with the swans and art festival more, but of course it was well worth leaving to see your kids and grandson!

Di Pais said...

Oh my goodness I always wondered if there was a shop nearby - my daughter lives in the Mickey Mouse Area and I'm always so busy with other things that I never checked it out - ok I'm there on my next visit - thanks for the post!!!

Julie said...

I know this is much later than your visit, but this is the closest LNS to me (I live over by Tampa). I love her shop and try to go a few times each year!