Wednesday, February 24, 2010

more from Nashville

I am nearly through unpacking my Nashville stuff--I only have two boxes left to go!

Yesterday I rehung my models in my office. I'm glad I remembered to take photos of the walls earlier so it would be easy to rehang the pieces in the same spots. I've also been busy shipping backorders and filling new orders for shops who have already run out of the new designs.

Friday night was "Meet and Greet" at market. It takes place in one of the hotel's ballrooms. The enthusiasm for "Meet and Greet" really gets the exhibitors and the shop owners psyched for the days ahead.

As you can see in the photo below we are given just a small table with a white tablecloth. I put out my six products that were new since Nashville 2009, along with three others. (I didn't realize until looking at the photo that the cloth I put on top wasn't centered....luckily it was too crowded for most of the shop owners to notice that.)
While I was gone, I received in the mail two new books--Samplers by Rebecca Scott and American Schoolgirl Art: Women's Painted Furniture, 1790-1830 by Betsy Salm. Both look wonderful, and I'm anxious to look at them this evening.


Margaret said...

Market sounds like so much work! But hopefully you have fun with friends as well. Your table at the Meet and Greet looks so lovely -- I bet no one noticed your tablecloth wasn't centered. Thanks for pointing out the Betsy Krieg Salm book -- I really want to get my hands on that one!

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Hi Ellen, it has been great seeing pictures of shop owners and designers. Hope the show was successful for you.


Anonymous said...

Your books sound so interesting. I will have to add those to my wish list and start looking for them online to buy. Where did you get yours from?

Anonymous said...

I usually notice things that are uneven hence your tablecloth. But I did not even notice it. I guess it was just impossible to see beyond all the beautiful things.