Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Are you interested in being part of a SAL?

Many of you are familiar with my free internet newsletter, With My Needle and Pen, that I started about 14 years ago. Through the monthly newsletters we are able to share our love of needlework thanks to contributions from readers all over the world and to the internet.

In addition, each year we choose two (and sometimes three) projects as group stitch alongs (SALs) for those who want to participate. There is always a reproduction sampler and one other piece such as a more modern piece or perhaps a sewing case.

This year the projects chosen are the L. Haworth sampler, an Ackworth Quaker sampler, reproduced by Darlene Lara (The Marking Samplar) and my Acorn Sampler Sewing Case.

I saw Darlene recently at the Nashville Needlework Market and asked her to pose with her sampler. As you can see the L. Haworth sampler is lovely. The sampler is worked only in cross stitch and principally with one color of thread. This will certainly be a relaxing piece. I plan to use it as my travel project. Each month in the newsletter Darlene will give a suggested “stitching schedule” for those who wish to complete the sampler by the end of the year. She’ll also be sharing information about the stitcher and helpful stitching tips. I was pleased that my Acorn Sampler Sewing Case was suggested as the other 2010 SAL project. This project can either be framed as a sampler or made into a sewing case with a removable mattress pincushion. There are also directions for a needlebook and scissors weight. The project uses 15 different stitches. In addition, the nun’s stitch is used for the needlepage of the needlebook. One of our readers, Darby, will present a suggested “stitching schedule” each month. If you follow the schedule, you should have the project completed by the end of the year.If you’re interested in participating in either, or both, of these SALs and are not already on the newsletter subscription list, please email me and ask me to sign you up. You can order your supplies for the projects from your favorite needlework shop.

You can read more about the newsletter, including past SALs, here.


Sandra said...

I'm in the final stages of assembling your Acorn sewing roll and am currently stitching another quaker (Emblems of Love) so must decline I'm afraid, but it will be fun I'm sure. Happy stitching to all who join in.

Tedra said...

Hi Ellen - I love your designs and have most all of them, the newer ones are on my wish list yet! I have had the acorn sewing case for a while and I'm so glad there's a SAL formed for it - I've been in touch with Darby and have all my threads and fabric and am ready to go this week! Keep up the good work! Tedra Raden, Phoenix, AZ

K Lawson said...

Where do I buy the L Hayworth Sampler chart? Kim

Patti said...

Hi Ellen

Yessireebobsky I am interested in joining in on guess what? Yep your Acorn Sampler. Do I actually have to do anything besides following the directions on your Newsletter?
Lots of Love
Patti xxx