Monday, March 15, 2010

Nancy shows off her class piece, Long May She Wave

Nancy B. from Farmington Hills, Michigan recently sent me photos of her class project, Long May She Wave. Nancy took this class last fall when I taught for the Mill Race and Livingston Lakes EGAs.

This class piece is such a fun little project. Despite its diminutive size, this sewing case has lots and lots of different stitches.

In class, besides stitching, we talk about the history of the US flag, including the roles Rebecca Flowers Young, Betsy Ross, and Mary Pickersgill had in the making of our flag.

Nancy told me that she had the stitching done for quite some time, but had to stop part way on the finishing due to other commitments. She also wrote, You will note that I added a date to the label on the back, added 1776 to the pocket, and added two dogs to the needle page. I also switched the positions of the pocket, needle page, and pincushion as was suggested in class so that the scrimshaw on the ruler could be seen better when the needle page was lifted up. I am also sending you a picture of what I stitched on the back of the pincushion. Even though it can't be seen, I had to stitch something on the back. (Nancy, it sounds like you think like I do with not wanting any "naked" linen.)
case outside

case inside with pocket, needlepage, and pinkeep

the back of Nancy's pinkeep

Thanks, Nancy, for sharing photos of your work. I love the special touches you added. It was great to see you last fall, and hopefully our paths will cross again in the not too distant future.


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Nancy does the most beautiful work! She did an amazing piece (all over one) for our guild auction that was beyond beautiful.

Nancy said...

So beautiful! Amazing work from another very talented stitcher!

saras said...

This is only available through classes, right? I just LOVE, Love, Love it! :)

Paula C. said...

I really love this piece and hope that someday I will have the opportunity to take the class =)