Sunday, May 16, 2010

Inn Stitches Spring Fling 2010!

Thank you, Kim and Kathy, for the terrific weekend at your 4th annual Inn Stitches Spring Fling!! Everyone sure had a wonderful time from the Monte Carlo night (we used DMC thread for our "betting"), to the classes, to the good times with friends!!

There were tiaras and yellow ducks galore. The yellow ducks made their premier at the first Spring Fling and seem to multiply each year quicker than rabbits. Some ducks even return year after year.

Here are Dee's Quaker Turtles with her ducks. I took this photo before someone told her that turtles eat ducks--oh dear!! Here are a few of some of the great gals in the Fruit of the Vine class on Saturday. Don't they look intent....well, all but one.Next is a closer view. Pat (on the far right of the first row) has her Busy Bee Sewing Case on her work station.Wow--look at all these With My Needle projects, and all stitched by the same person!
And here is the wonderful needleworker, Dee L., with some of her projects. Dee told me she has a few more at home. Next is Linda Z. with photos of three of her completed With My Needle class projects. Here is a close-up of the pieces Linda brought for Show and Tell. These projects (A Sailor's Remembrance, Tokens from the Sea, and Friends in Stitches) are from classes at Inn Stitches and at the Western Reserve Sampler Guild. Linda has enjoyed filling her ditty box with lots of nautical goodies. She has completed quite a few other WMN pieces, some of which I've shown previously on my blog.
As you can see, Linda and Dee are excellent needleworkers and are also very prolific. Thanks for bringing your projects for me to see in person.

I wish I had taken more photos in class of everyone's progress. Several people have nearly finished the needleroll, and another has nearly finished the scissors weight. Please don't forget to send me photos.

The final photo is of me with Carol, Linda, Debbie, and Kim. These four ladies have taken all seven of my classes. I wanted to recognize them with this photo and also a small gift. Debbie has the distinction of taking her classes in three different states--Ohio, Michigan, and Washington.When I said I wouldn't be seeing them for awhile since they had taken all of my classes, the entire group of attendees decided I should come back with a new project for Spring Fling 2012. We all pulled out our calendars and have blocked off May 15-17, 2012 for the premier of a new project. My mind is spinning with ideas!

Thanks everyone who made this weekend so wonderful and memorable!! See you at Spring Fling 2012!!


Margaret said...

Now why am I not surprised that you have With My Needle groupies? lol! That's so cool that these ladies have stitched so many of your projects and that 4 of them have attended all of your classes. Wow! Definite fans! Beautiful work too! Glad you all had a good time!

Sandra said...

What great photos Ellen. I am drooling over all the finishes. There is one needlecase? which reminds me of Adorn Thy Heart but I think perhaps that is a class project too.

Bethany said...


Loved the photo's, sorry to miss your group, I won't be in Ohio until July. It looks like you all had a wonderful time. I love all of Dee's smalls, I think she has finished most of yours, if not all. I saw Linda's finishes, the last time I was home, all the ladies do such beautiful work. I am looking forward to seeing all the ladies soon and what ever Show and Tells they have added to their collections.

Paula C. said...

It looks like so much fun! The projects are absolutely beautiful! I wish that you were teaching near me so I could attend! Do you have any on-line classes? I would love to take any of them, but mostly Long May She Wave.