Friday, May 7, 2010

Two more terrific projects from Cheryl!

Last week when I showed you photos of Cheryl's wonderful ditty box, Tokens from the Sea, I promised that there would be lots more photos of her work. Here are a few more.

First is her lovely Quaker Hornbook that she did with the Mayflower Sampler Guild in Massachusetts. Having known Cheryl for years (our friendship dates back to the days of going to Sampler Gathering), it didn't surprise me that she stitched her hornbook with red thread.
Next is Cheryl's Cherished Workes sewing case which she stitched back in 2005. Looking at the views of the front and the back of her sewing case, you can see how you could also put one of the designs on a box top or you could stitch the two designs separately to make two framed pieces...oh so many possibilities.

Here is the front of Cheryl's sewing case.
Here's a view of the back of her sewing case. And now, here's an inside view showing her sewing case pocket, needlebook, and thread palette.Thanks so much, Cheryl, for the photos. I'll be showing your stitching basket and huswif in the future.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend planned, and make sure you take some time to stitch!

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Deb said...

Both of those projects are wonderful. I've got both of them in my stash and they're just sitting there. I think that I need to pull them out and work on them.