Thursday, July 8, 2010

Samplers, samplers, and more samplers!!

Earlier today, I went to see my friend, Carol, who is a professional framer (Decorative Designs). She frames all of my personal needlework and most of my business designs.

One of my purposes was to pick up my L. (Lucy) Haworth sampler (reproduced by Darlene Lara of The Marking Sampler). I'm quite happy with the way "she" turned out.

I'm thrilled that Lucy fits so nicely with the other Ackworth samplers already hanging on my bedroom wall. Here’s a photo of the five Ackworth “gals” together. I’m sorry the photo is not better--it was difficult to shoot straight on because of the glass on the pieces.
Also while at Carol’s I chose the frame for my grandson-to-be’s birth sampler. This way, once he’s born I’ll add his birth information and then be able to have Carol quickly put the sampler in its frame.

I also chose the frame for my new With My Needle design which has a working title of A Most Pleasant Thought. This is the sampler that I’ve mentioned previously. I stitched it using The Gentle Art’s wool threads. (Sorry, no photo yet of this project.)
Then last, but not least, Carol and I showed each other our progress on our Deborah Walker samplers that we’re stitching together. Here is my progress as of this morning.

I also looked at frames for Deborah. Below are photos showing two different views of the frame I think I’m going to use. The photos aren’t particularly good because I took them with my telephone, but I wanted to remember the frame for when the sampler is finished in October.
After that Carol and I decided to have lunch and then visit a local shop, Martha’s Heirlooms. Martha has just moved her shop to a new location (just about a mile or so away from the old one), and we wanted to check out the new place. The shop is smaller than her previous one, but the building is just darling! I wish I had thought to take some photos, particularly of the outside.

Hope everyone in the northern hemisphere is staying cool! Many of us are having a very hot summer!


Margaret said...

Love your L. Hayworth! Your Quaker wall is just wonderful! I love how the frames all match or go together. Deborah is beautiful too! Good planning on your grandson's birth sampler. Looking forward to seeing your new design!

Jules said...

WOW! Very beautiful Ackworth collection. I am really beginning to get turned on to these samplers.

Whenever I have an issue with flash against glass, I turn the flash off. Hopefully there is enough light in the room to do that. If not, turning a lamp on nearby will help add enough light to take a straight on shot. Just something to experiment with...

Your last sampler is going to look great!!!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Beautiful frames for all of your Quaker Samplers. Your wall looks fabulous. Deborah is looking wonderful too.

Barbi said...

I love your Ackworth sampler wall! How can you not stop and stare at it every day? Well done

Patti said...

Oh Ellen they are all so beautiful. Love them all.
Patti xxx

Sandra said...

Your newly framed sampler looks lovely and I like the way you have them hanging quite close together on the wall. I wish I had done that with my stitching, but I'll know for next time.

Isadarena said...

Your quaker wall is just wonderful !! I love your Sampler : it is coming along nicely :-)
Have a great day,

Giovanna said...

What a gorgeous sampler wall! L. Haworth is a wonderful addition.

Nancy said...

Lucy is just beautiful Ellen! She looks so at home hanging with the other Quaker samplers. And, your Deborah Walker sampler is looking very pretty.

Have a nice weekend! It's hot here but not unseasonably so.

Katrina said...

Gorgeous, love your Ackworth wall. And Deborah is so pretty too.