Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Deborah, Ada, and Garrett!

You may remember that I stitched the Deborah Walker sampler as a stitch-along with my friend, Carol. In my June 10th blog post I showed a photo of our two samplers in progress. Carol had changed the linen, thread colors, and verses on her version. Our goal was to display our two samplers side by side at our guild (The Queen City Sampler Guild) Christmas party.

Recently someone wrote and asked if I had any photos of the samplers together. I had neglected to take my camera to the guild party so I asked Jana, another member, to please take some photos for me. Poor thing! The lighting in the room caused lots of problems as you can see by the white spots. Regardless, I think you can still see how the samplers look together. Mine is on the left and Carol's is on the right.

Below is a partial view of Carol's adaptation of the original sampler. I hope that you can readthe lovely Bible verses she used. Also note how she stitched that her sampler was inspired by Deborah Walker's sampler.

Next is my sampler. I had finished stitching it before my back problems started and had even taken it to Carol to be framed. She called me one day during the period where I was bedridden and said that she and her husband would like to bring it over in hopes of lifting my spirits. Wasn't that a sweet thing to do?

Just a reminder that the Deborah Walker sampler is out-of-print. (The last time I showed a photo of my version, shops and stitchers contacted me about getting the chart.) Margriet from The Essamplaire has reproduced Deborah's sister's sampler which is very similar to Deborah's. Both girls were from Chester County, Pennsylvania, and their samplers reflect their Quaker background.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm off to see Carol and take her my newest reproduction sampler, Ada Mary Hornsey. I have had lots of fun researching Ada who was from Wellingborough in the UK. The chart will be available at the Nashville tradeshow in mid-February and will include information about Ada and her family.

There wasn't much stitching going on at the Chester house last weekend. Look who came for his first visit. We can hardly wait for the next one!


PegC said...

I'm not a "sampler person" by inclination but I have to say seeing your work is opening my eyes for yet another direction for my needle to go. Lovely work on both, thanks for sharing.

Margaret said...

I love seeing your two samplers together. It's amazing to see how fabric and fiber choice can make a difference. They're both wonderful! I can't wait to see your Ada Mary Hornsey. I have a feeling market is going to be dangerous as always! Your new grandson is soooo adorable!! I bet it was fun having him and his parents visit.

John'aLee said...

Those are amazing! I know what back trouble is...and being bedridden. NO FUN! Please take care of yourself!

Sherry :o) said...

how very sweet your little one is!!!

Samplers are amazing!

Nancy said...

Both sampler are absolutely gorgeous!

What a sweet little one that visited you! I got to give Gretchen lots of hugs today!

Catherine said...

How fun to see the samplers side by side! It always amazes me how colors of threads and fabrics can change the look.

What a precious little one!

Laurie in Iowa said...

What fun to see the both samplers together. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.
What a sweet little baby.