Friday, February 4, 2011


Things are a flurry of activities getting ready for Nashville, but I wanted to take a few moments to answer some questions about the hare threadwinders that are in the photo for Miss Trenner's Needlework Academy.  The threadwinders and the black storkette scissors are from Kelmscott Designs.  I thought both were wonderful.  Your favorite needlework shop can order them for you.

Tom left this afternoon to help his father in Jacksonville.  Tom's mother is once again in the hospital.  We don't know how long Tom will need to be down there.

Meanwhile we're expecting snow over the weekend.  I sure hope it's not too bad.  If we do get a lot of snow, hopefully my "snow angel" will show up since I know with my back I won't be doing any shoveling myself.  
You may be wondering about my "snow angel".  A few years ago someone secretly cleared the snow off our driveway.  It took quite some time to figure out who had done it.  When I called our neighbor, Hud, to thank him, his daughter told me that years ago when they were living in Wisconsin, her father got stuck in the snow for  quite a few hours.  He decided that the snow would not defeat him and bought a big snow blower.  Often when it snows, he clears quite a few driveways on our street.  I have nicknamed him our "snow angel".

Hopefully I can spend some time with Elizabeth Mears.  Maybe I'll take a photo tomorrow so I can show you my progress.


Margaret said...

Ellen, I'll be sending good thoughts and prayers for Tom's mother and father and that everything goes as well as possible. It's so hard when our parents get old, isn't it? Hugs to Tom. I will also be hoping that you don't get much in the way of snow -- and that your snow angel will help you out no matter what. Take it easy -- and don't even attempt any shoveling!

Catherine said...

I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. It is never easy when one's parents reach such a point. How nice that you have a wonderful snowangel!

Roberta said...

Hi Ellen, sorry for not being around, life just gets in the way as you well know.

Love Mrs. Trenner's Needlework Academy. Just darling.

Sending along good wishes and prayers to Tom and his parents - this is such a hard time in children's lives with their parents.

Good luck and have fun in Nashville.

Diane said...

So sorry to hear about Tom's mother. I hope she makes the transition well and that your father-in-law is also able to cope with not having her at home. It's going to be so hard on both of them, I'm sure. They'll be in my thoughts.

When I was a teenager we lived outside of Pittsburgh. On the days that it snowed overnight, I would get up early in the morning before school or church and go around the neighborhood and shovel the walks and driveways of the older folks (or what I thought was elderly at the time, probably my present age... :o)) before they woke up. I only got caught a couple of times. It always felt good doing it, and I'm sure they must have appreciated it and wouldn't have expected it to have been the skinny ~girl~ down the street. ;)