Monday, February 14, 2011

Sending Valentine's Day greetings your way

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's hoping that Tom makes it home later today after 11 days helping with his parents.  (Today his brother is going over from New Orleans.)   

In Tom's absence, I've been very, very busy getting ready for Nashville.  The clock is certainly ticking away very quickly.  The good news is that almost everything is done.  Just a few more loose ends.  There are large boxes everywhere! 

Despite the flurry of activity, I've still been making myself take some time each day to stitch.  I'm happy to report that I've nearly finished stitching Elizabeth Mears (Queenstown Sampler Designs).  (I'm saving the last few stitches to do later this year in Accomack County.)  I took a photo yesterday and will try to post it soon.

Then last night I started stitching I Sigh Not For Beauty (C Street Samplers).  Oh my goodness--what a beautiful sampler and so relaxing to stitch!  I got in my early morning stitching today, and boy did I hate putting the sampler away until later.  I was so tempted to keep on stitching, but I really must get some things done.  After all, time is quickly ticking away!! 


Bertie said...

Happy Valentine's Day Ellen and hope your Tom will be able to make it home:))

Ma Teakettle said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Ellen...saying a prayer that Tom makes it home safe and in time to enjoy the day. Safe travels to Nashville (my heart gets all fluttery when I think of it!).
I am so proud of you for taking time to stitch, it must be like the shoe maker who never takes the time to make shoes for himself.

Margaret said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I know you'll be happy to have Tom home again! Hope his mom and dad are doing ok. Good luck with market!

woolwoman said...

Ellen - I hope you are not working too hard and am glad to hear you are taking some time to sit and enjoy stitching. You said you'd tell us what threads and linen you chose for I Sigh - maybe I missed that. Hope your Valentine is soon safe at home and that things are under control with tom's folks here in Jax. Enjoy! Mel

CalamityJr said...

What were you two, maybe 15 when you got married? You look very young, but very happy!

Nancy said...

Happy Valentine's Day Ellen! I have no doubt that Tom will make it home for you on this special day.

Marjo said...

Happy Valentine's day to you. I love seeing all your progress pictures. Hope you have a great time at Market. I have already sent a list to my online LNS.

Marsha said...

Missed you at guild yesterday morning. I KNOW, I love stitching on 'Beauty'. She is a fun stitch. I've got two more peeps almost convinced to start her.