Saturday, May 7, 2011

Members of the Pikes Peak EGA in Colorado show off their Quaker Hornbooks

Members of the Pikes Peak EGA Chapter in Colorado Springs stitched the Quaker Hornbooks as a guild project. It was taught by some of their guild members. and sounds like it made a great in-house workshop.  Many of the stitchers completed their projects in March at a "Stitch in Public Day" at a local mall.

Quaker Hornbooks is a project for groups of 10 or more stitchers.  Each chart pack includes a wooden hornbook, charts for two different designs, and detailed assembly instructions.  One of the designs is done over-one-linen-thread, and the other is done mostly over-two.  All the pictures, below, from the Pikes Peak EGA group are of the over-one design.  Thank you to guild members Becky and Pat who sent me these photos.

This looks like a happy stitcher.
Making twisted cord for the hornbook assembly

A hornbook in progress
 Next  is Pat's finished hornbook.  

Pat used a spool of 100% cotton machine thread Colour No. 021 and a variety of cotton threads for the twisted cord that came together in a package called "Oliver Twists".
Pat wrote, My EGA group recently bought the hornbook for groups to do as a class. I stitched ahead of time the stitching part so at our class I could concentrate on putting it together.

I never stitch on smaller than 28 count. Well I needed 32 count to do this so I got a piece of that. Never stitched on this count before but the smaller and going over one was so cool. I mean it really looks impressive. Learned how to do the twisted cord in class and how to put it all together.

This was one of the best EGA classes I've ever done. I loved it. Some others have finished, some are still stitching and some haven't started yet, but we were all excited about this class. Maybe you need to post this on EGA's facebook or something, so others can do this group project. Thanks again for a wonderful class.

Thank you very much, Pat, for your kind words about the hornbook kit. I'm very glad you enjoyed your first experience of stitching over one linen thread. Perhaps this will expand your world of stitching.

I'm delighted that the members of the Pikes Peak EGA enjoyed this project so much.  Here are some of the completed Quaker Hornbooks. I understand that there are more, so perhaps one day we'll see additional photos. 

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