Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Missing in action

I'm sorry that I have been so remiss in updating my blog. I think this has been the longest time between posts. It took me a while to get caught up on things after my trip to England, and then I got sick. I don't know if it was a cold or allergies. I'm still coughing some, but at least things are improving daily.

I've been busy stitching on my newest project, A Quaker Worke Box. I have the threadwinders, scissors weight, pinkeep, needleroll, and all but the box lid stitched, so things are moving along. I orignally was stitching my models over two linen threads, but I changed my mind and am now doing all the pieces over one linen thread instead. Boy do the pieces look cute that way! (Of course, you could choose to stitch the pieces over two linen threads instead—your pieces would just be larger than mine.) I'm sorry there aren't any photos yet, but I can tell you I stitched my model on 32-count Antique Ivory linen from Zweigart with Gloriana's Cranberry silk thread. The Cranberry is such a luscious red color!

I've added a new teaching event to my calendar. On April 12, 13, and 14, 2013, I'll be teaching for The Sampler Guild of the Rockies in the Denver, Colorado area.. The event will be celebrating their 20th anniversary as a guild. Isn't that terrific? I'll be teaching a class on Friday night and another one during the day on Saturday. Then on Sunday I'll be teaching a new mini-project. Lots of ideas for the mini-project are swirling around in my head. I'll post more details on my website as plans develop.

I thought you might enjoy seeing this sampler I found over the weekend. I don't know anything about the sampler other than the girl's name and the year she stitched it—1834. Isn't it amazing with the elephant? Elephants seem to be rare on samplers. The Scarlet Letter reproduced a Scottish sampler with an elephant, and my dear friend Lori told me about an Austrian sampler with one. I don't know of any others. Do you?

We recently learned that our daughter and her family will soon move from Chicago to Columbus, Ohio. We never expected then to move back to Ohio and are thrilled that they will soon be only about 2 hours from us.

Comment Notes
I always struggle with how to best respond to notes left in the comment area of my blog. Often I write the person who left the note. However, sometimes that isn't possible—either I can't find the necessary email address to answer or I run out of time. I've decided I'm going to start responding to notes at the end of my blog posts. I hope this works. Here are today's comment notes:

Mouse, I'll keep you in mind the next time I'm over on your side of the "pond". Maybe we can go to the Lavender Tea Room you mentioned on your blog.

Samplerlover, Yikes a tank on one of those narrow roads!! I can't even begin to imagine.

Laurie, I guess we forgot to take any fish and chips photos. Fish and chips didn't seem to be as popular in the Lake District as they are elsewhere. I had fish and chips my first night in Ravenglass. Then a few nights later my friend Jen took us to Whitehaven to her favorite place. You have never seen such a big piece of fish! That would have made a terrific photo. I knew nothing else would compare to the fish that night, so I didn't order any more while we were gone. One thing I noticed is that in York they serve mushy peas with the fish and chips and they don't in the Lake District. Tom loves mushy peas and has found a place here in Cincinnati where he can get all the makings. The only problem is that it makes a huge amount.

Pat and Heather, thanks for the tea suggestions. I found the Lady Grey at my grocery store, but will have to go elsewhere to look for the Orange Dulce and Cool Brew Lady Grey.

Sandra, thank you for the kind words about the classes. I'm glad that you enjoyed them, and it was so great to meet you in person after all these years.

Anonymous, no, we didn't make it to the Beatrix Potter home. Between the very bad weather and Tom's allergy attack, we decided to save that for another trip. We did make it to the Wordsworth home.

Other, I'm glad you all enjoyed the photos from my trip.


Margaret said...

Oh I hope you're feeling better now, Ellen! What a bummer that you got sick after your trip! You must be so happy about your daughter and family moving close to you! I can't wait to see your new piece -- it sounds so pretty! And that sampler -- so cool! I love the elephant -- definitely a new element to me!

Laurie in Iowa said...

So sorry to hear you've been sick Ellen. Let's hope that's behind you now. I was wondering where you were. That's wonderful news that your daughter will be moving back to Ohio... 2 hrs is much more doable.
Do you have plans to reproduce your new elephant sampler?

Robin said...

Love following along with you. So nice of you to share you trip with all of us. And the sampler, what a find. The elephant seems exquisite even if it is a bit unusual. And congrats on your daughter and family moving closer. How wonderful for you.

Sandra said...

Sorry that you have been unwell, hope you are on the mend. Can't wait to see Quaker Worke box. I'm doing quite well on my class pieces and will send you some photos of progress so far. Have a wondeful day today.

Nancy said...

Sorry you have been under the weather! So exciting that your daughter is moving closer to you! Sounds like you had a great trip to England! Looking forward to seeing the Quaker Worke box!

Jeannine 520 said...

Your new sampler is gorgeous! I sure hope you reproduce it, I love elephants and it's so rare to see one on a sampler and this one is especially nice.

Bertie said...

Hope you are on the mend Ellen, not much fun being ill, must have beent that Cumbrian weather!!
I do love your sampler and can not remember ever seeing an elephant on a sampler. Maybe you should only chart the Elephant, its gorgeous:))
Keep Well!

cross stitch kits said...

wow! what a wonderful antique sampler!

FlyawayJil said...

Oh,my! The elephant sampler is stunning! Do you plan to share it by charting this beauty?