Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our weekend in review

Guess who spent the weekend in Cincinnati?

We were tickled pink that Garrett, nearly 9 months old, spent the weekend here.  He and his parents arrived late Thursday evening and just left--boo hoo.

This was Reunion Weekend at Miami University, Stephen's and Michelle's alma mater.  Late Friday afternoon, Stephen attended a wind ensemble rehearsal in Oxford, so Tom and I took Michelle and Garrett to a nearby park.  Garrett has just begun to enjoy swinging.  He was "eyeing" the nearby squirting water fountains, so perhaps he'll be old enough for that later this summer.

We think Garrett is very close to walking on his own. Watch out world!

On Saturday, Stephen, Michelle, and Garrett went to Miami U for Stephen's concert, and I taught a class (Long May She Wave) in Cincinnati.  This class had originally been scheduled for last fall, but I had to cancel it because of my back problems.

All of the ladies are members of the Queen City Sampler Guild, although this wasn't a guild class but rather one organized by four of the ladies.   Everyone was either from Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati except for Judy who drove up from Tennessee and Deborah who drove down from Columbus.  

Near the end of the day, I asked everyone if I could take their photos for my blog, and they all graciously obliged.  When I got home I felt stupid that I negelcted to take any photos of their work.  Most of them made tremendous progress on their needlecases.

Here are Lynn, Mary Beth, and Sue.  It is a small world--Lynn used to work with Tom at P & G.  Perhaps you remember seeing Sue before.  Last week I showed her photo at a guild stitch-in, and before that I showed her photo with her completed A Needleworker's Sampler Huswif, which I taught a few years ago for the Queen City Sampler Guild.

Here are Adele, Patti, Lisa, Christie, and Marsha, all hard at work and still smiling.

Next are Deborah, Pam, and Rita.  Deborah drove from Columbus and was the only person I didn't know before the class.  However, she knew most of the ladies through other stitching events.

And here are Judy and Christy.  Judy is the lady who drove from Tennessee.  She was in one of my very first classes.

And that brings us to today, Sunday....Father's Day.  After church I snapped a few more photos before we had a nice lunch, and our "guests" were on their merry way home.

Here are father and son.  We can already tell that Garrett is going to be quite a character.

And isn't this the perfect photo of our son on his first Father's Day?  We just don't know who the #1, 2, and 3 fathers are.

Happy Father's Day to fathers everywhere!!

Marie P, don't forget to email me with your mailing address so that I can send you your prize from the give-away.  Please remember that I need to hear from you by 12pm (noon) on Monday.


Margaret said...

Garrett is so adorable! I love his expression and his cute little legs! I so miss that age. Great pics of the class, but I just love that pic of your son! Great t-shirt! lol! Happy Father's Day to all your men!

Barb said...

Great pictures of your family,especially that adorable Grandson! It took me back to the first time we took our Grandson to the park to swing! Many happy memories!

Just Me and My Shadow said...

What a cute little boy your grandson is. Lovely photos.

Robin said...

My, my, my! How little Garrett has grown. Sounds like you had a perfect weekend.

Laurie in Iowa said...

Garrett is adorable. What fun for you to have him for an entire weekend.
Glad the class went well... everyone looks so happy in the pics.

Bertie said...

Oh Ellen your grandson is gorgeous!! he has grown so much, adorable:)
Well trust you to forget to take pictures of their needlework lol, you are a busy lady so it's forgiven:)) they must have had a good time seeing their smiles:)