Wednesday, September 14, 2011

LOTS of "eye candy" from Anke! (Part 1)

Oh my goodness!! Look at the photos Anke from Australia sent me of some of her needlework!!  In this post, I'm showing you photos of her Busy Bee Sewing Case, Maidens of the Sea, and Quaker Turtles.  I'm saving her photos of Strawberries So Faire Sewing Cases for later in the week so that you aren't on overload.

Anke wrote, I came to realize that by now I’ve stitched -and finished!- a few of your designs. A bit of a surprise as it is either the design itself or the way it's finished that makes me choose a project and not its designer. But then again your "Acorn Sampler Sewing Case" was one of the very first charts I bought when I started cross stitching back in 2005. Daunted, I put it aside, and now even with some finishing experience and a few projects that incorporated specialty stitches done, I’ll savour the chart some more.

 Loved doing the "Busy Bee Sewing Case" -not only because my grandfather kept bees. Did it in 2008 using a mix of over-dyed and DMC threads; stitched the bees because I don’t like charms.

At the beginning of 2010, it was the "Maidens of the Sea" turn. Used HDF silk floss on 32 ct linen tinted a light antique blue. The needlepage is made from flannelette tinted grey and it’s closed with a freshwater pearl. The mermaids got eyes -didn’t add them to the "Busy Bee"women and find that without eyes they look somewhat soulless.

Got a very soft spot for tortoises, terrapins and turtles; add to that a love of stitching smalls and one cannot possibly go past your "Quaker Turtles". Stitched one set using the recommended materials and, as I liked the design so much, stitched it again over 2 -gives the design room to breathe. While I like the petite finish working over 1 effects, to me it sometimes blurs the finer details. The other set is worked with ‘Imperialosity’ HDF silk floss over 2 on tinted ~40ct unevenweave. I adapted the backstitch pattern to be worked over 3 threads -wasn’t brave enough to even consider picking up regular backstitches.

Remembered a stitcher cum lover of these ancient reptiles and made another scissor weight from scraps left over.  In case you’re familiar with Dr Suess' "Yertle The Turtle"… click here.

Oh my goodness, Anke!  So many wonderful pieces!  I love the extra turtles you added to your set!  Looks like you have quite a bale of turtles.  ( I have to admit that I had to look up what you call a group of turtles.)

Part 2 of Anke's beautiful needlework will be in my next blog post.


CalamityJr said...

Kudos to Anke for her beautiful stitching, and to you, Ellen, for your amazing creations!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Anke stitching and finishing are both gorgeous. I'm in love with the herd of turtles.
I really enjoy this type of post and the reminders of all your beautiful designs from the past.
We stitchers are very fortunate to have you Ellen.

Just Me and My Shadow said...

Those turtles are just too cute. Thanks for teaching us the collective name for a group of turtles too Ellen. I never knew that :)


Marilyn said...

Wow, beautiful stitching and finishing.
LOVE the Turtles!