Monday, January 30, 2012

Not one but two birthday celebrations

Thank you so much for the very nice remarks and enthusiasm about my new teaching project. I so enjoy reading your notes!

How wonderful it is to have our daughter and her family so much closer to us! Last Friday afternoon Tom and I drove to Columbus (just 90 minutes away) to celebrate both Haiden's 4th birthday and Carolyn's ?? birthday. Their birthdays are just a day apart. Here are some photos of the birthday boy taken Friday night.  Somehow we didn't get any of our daughter opening her gifts.

Then on Sunday, Haiden had a birthday party with a few of his friends. As many of you know, Haiden is a HUGE Batman fan.  His party had a Super Hero theme, and the boys all wore costumes. It should be no surpise that Haiden was Batman. Our daughter had made lots of Batman decorations, and they played Batman games such as pin the mask on Bruce Wayne.

Happy birthday, Haiden!!  Are there still paper bats flying around your house?

Yesterday I started going through some of the many old photographs I brought back from my father's place.  I'm attempting to organize them, but it is a monumental task.  I started with some of the oldest photos, many of which I had never seen before.  It was so much fun seeing childhood photos of one of my great-grandfathers and one of my grandmothers.  There were lots of photos of my grandparents as young adults as well as lots of photos of my parents.  I was surprised to find some old tintypes. I presume that they are of family members, but I don't know since there is no information with them.  Perhaps one day I can identify the people.

I also spent some time yesterday updating information at  I just love looking at old records, such as the census records.  Everytime I go on-line I find more information.  For example, just yesterday I found newly uploaded newspaper artcles concerning Tom's great grandfather and his great-great grandparents, complete with photos.  


Margaret said...

Haiden is such a cutie! Happy 4th birthday to him! Yes, the kids have all the luck, getting two birthday parties. lol!

Barb said...

Batman is just adorable. I'm happy for you that you are close enough to share these special days with your family. My husband is the family genealogist. It's thanks to him that I was able to join the DAR. He's always looking for new information. He would envy you all those pictures.

Nancy said...

Haiden is so cute! Happy Birthday to him! It is so nice to be able to have him close by for lots of visits!

Marilyn said...

Happy B-Day to Haiden and Carolyn!
He looks so happy. :)
I bet all the kids were cute in their Batman costumes.

Mouse said...

ohhhh happy birthday Haiden ... those cakes look yummy did you save one for me ????
good luck with the research .... those tin plates photos are really old and will need careful handling ....:) love mouse xxxxx

virtuegrace said...

My goodness, what I wouldn't give to have those eye lashes of Haiden's. He has to be the most handsome Batman I have ever seen. JoAnn

diamondc said...

Ellen: I love pictures I have a gazillion I still go through the books and giggle alot about the silly things we did I love the birthday pictures what fun you must have had.
Happy Birthday Haiden and Carolyn

woolwoman said...

Haiden is one handsome little guy - he has his mothers eyes. How fun you and Tom are able to go up and be part of this type of occasion. Glad you are enjoying the old family photos. Enjoy ! Mel