Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Stasi's Needlework Boxes

I first met Stasi B. years ago when she worked for a local needlework shop. (She was actually the shop manager.)  A lot has transpired since then.  Our children are now grown, married, and with children of their own.  The needlework shop has closed, and Stasi and her husband moved to West Virginia.

Stasi has two daughters, both of whom she taught to stitch.  When she saw the design for Miss Trenner's Needlework Academy it reminded her of her daughters.  Stasi wrote, I stitched this piece with my daughters in mind as the two figures reminded me of a Joan Walsh Anglund pin I had from when they were little. (I attached a photo of the pin--it almost looks as if it were stitched itself). It's something about the hair!!!!

Stasi also wrote,  I tend to love boxes, so that was also a draw! And luckily I was able to get the kit with the boxes from my needlework shop.

I did make some changes to the design. I used a 36 count R&R Light Espresso linen since I had that in my stash. And I'd always wanted to try the Vicki Clayton silks, so I converted the DMC to those. They gave it a little more pastel touch!

I added some cording to the bases of the boxes--no matter how hard I try, I can never cut the ovals to fit perfectly, so that was a good compromise.  Otherwise, I stitched and finished as called for. The finishing directions were great and all in all it was quite an enjoyable stitch!

paper mache boxes
smaller box bottom with stitched panel

larger box bottom with stitched panel
smaller box lid with stitched panel

inside of needleroll and scissors weight
outside of needleroll

detail of the needleroll, closed
Stasi, thank you for sharing these photos.  As usual, you did a terrific job with your stitching and finishing.  I hope that when you look at your completed project it will bring back wonderful memories of your daughters.

I wonder if like Stasi  you've ever chosen a project because of memories it evoked.


Marilyn said...

Great finishes Stasi.
What gorgeous pieces.
Thanks for showing us Ellen.

carol fun said...

Simply gorgeous! I know Stasi from her days as the shop manager too. Her work is impeccable. Thanks for sharing this!

Jean said...

Love the finishes, and the boxes are so beautiful and truly a work of art.