Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A "Big Girl" Project

I was so excited to get this photo from Denette of her completed A Lady's Worke Box. Denette was in the premier of this class in May and certainly has been busy with her stitching and finishing!

I love what Denette wrote about the project.  As can probably imagine, her comments make me smile!

Denette wrote, I just had to write you and tell you how exited I am that I finished my first “big girl” project. I say that this is my first big girl project because I have never stitched or finished a project like this. I was one to always work on stitching pictures. Thanks for helping me step out of my box.

Your patterns make it very easy to follow every step of the way making it simple to stitch and finish. No one should be afraid to stitch one of your projects (like I was prior to this project) Matter of fact, it inspired me to work on my first teaching project that I was too uneasy to finish--"Call of the Sea".

I plan on taking "Call of the Sea" with me on our family’s beach vacation to hopefully finish it while I am there. It will be a lasting memory of the trip. I did purchase fabric, linen and thread to start the "Quaker Needlework Box" after I am done with the "Call of the Sea". I just love your patterns!

I now know why Dee loves to finish projects. I think the worke box taught me some very needed patience when finishing. I am one that wants to just get it done. I could not rush though the finishing if I wanted it straight (and to look nice). My mom could not believe the inside of the box. She thought it came that way.

Thanks for helping me step out of my box to stitch something other than a picture. I love, love, love it!  Thanks again for bringing out my creativity!

Denette, I'm so proud of you! You did a fantastic job on this project!  Now I think you have the confidence to assemble other projects.  Right?

Have a great time and the beach!  I'm looking forward to seeing your Call of the Sea project soon.  You will find the assembly a "piece of cake" after having completed A Lady's Worke Box".

A Lady's Worke Box is a teaching project and will be offered twice this coming October--first in LaPorte, Indiana and later in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.


Poussy Stitches My Love said...

oh very beautiful,

amitiƩs de FRANCE

Jeanne said...

Wow - congratulations to Denette - it's a major accomplishment! There's nothing like good instructions to help you learn.

Thank you Ellen for showing all those wonderful photos of antiques from your travels. We just don't see much like that out here in Arizona. Someday I'm going to have time to wonder around the northeast and look at all these wonderful shops. It doesn't make me too sad when I see old textiles cut up...if they were in bad shape of course. Some of them are so threadbare that they are sold as "cutters" so better to get some enjoyment out of them than throw them away. (here's hoping my own quilts don't end this way!!)

Mouse said...

another example of gorgeous stitching and finishing too :) love mouse xxxxx