Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Special Projects from Three Special Ladies!

I was delighted that three of the ladies at A Stitcher's Hideaway brought finished With My Needle projects for me to see in person. I thought you would enjoy seeing these very talented needleworkers. They were all gracious enough to let me take their photos with their projects.

First is Barbara with her completed My Treasures Sewing Case. Barbara told me she stitched it after seeing her friend's completed one. The cute little sheep lining fabric comes in the package with the chart. Barbara crocheted the button that closes her case. Such a nice job, Barbara!

Next is Deb and her completed Busy Bee Sewing Case. I stitched my model on blue linen, but Deb decided to use red.  I never would have thought of using red on this project, and I love it!!  The design is so striking on the red!  (I think I now need to stitch a design on red linen.)  The bee lining fabric comes in the package with the chart.

Deb told me that until this project she had never made any changes to any project instructions, but she knew I like to encourage people to make changes.  I like to see stitchers put their personal touches on a design to make it "their own".  After seeing how great this piece came out, I think Deb now has the confidence to make more changes in the future.  It is such a liberating feeling.  Congrats, Deb, on a great project!


The next three photos are from my classes.

First is Donna's Call of the Sea which I taught at A Stitcher's Hideaway in 2005.  (I think it was either the second or third class I ever taught.)  Donna and her sister-in-law drove in from Long Island for the class.  Over the years both of them have attended lots of classes at A Stitcher's Hideaway

Donna did such a beautiful job with both her stitching and her finishing work as you can see in the photos.

Barbara, whose photo you saw earlier in this blog posting, was in the same Call of the Sea class as Donna in 2005.  Hold your breath when you see what she did with the project!

Not only did Barbara make the sewing case project, she added a lined basket, a scissors weight, and a shell pincushion!  On her basket lining, she repeated some of the motifs that were on the inside of her case.  I wish you could have seen it in person!  It was just stunning! I was blown away by Barbara's creativity.  You are truly amazing, Barbara!

I'm sorry that I forgot to get a photo of the inside of Barbara's case.  Like on my model, her case has three silver fish bodkins that look like they are swimming in the sea.

And last, but certainly not least, is Barbara's A Needleworker's Sampler/Huswif.  This project was designed to be finished either into a huswif or framed as Barbara chose to do.  Barbara took this class with the Mayflower Sampler Guild in Duxbury, Massachusetts.

I first met Barbara years ago at Sampler Gathering.  What great memories we both have of our times there.  It certainly was great to see her (and her beautiful stitching) again!

Thanks Deb, Donna, and Barbara for sharing your beautiful work.  Also thank you for letting me show photos of you so that my blog readers can see the ladies who created these wonderful pieces.

My Treasures Sewing Case and Busy Bee Sewing Case are both available through needlework shops.  A Needleworker's Sampler/Huswif and Call of the Sea are class projects and are not available at shops.


Grit said...

Wow, ich bin begeistert. Sind das wunderschöne Stickereien. Alle sind ganz traumhaft geworden.
Liebe Grüße Grit

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

Hi Ellen! love the photos of your student's finishes...just beautiful!


woolwoman said...

WOW - what great finishes Ellen and the basket set is really creative and so beautiful. Thanks for sharing - hope you and the class had a great time. mel

Barb said...

The ladies have done a lovely job!!!