Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thank you for the kind notes regarding my design that will benefit the 2012 Italian earthquake victims.  There are 30 designers world-wide who are participating in this project. 

Earlier today I asked Niky for a  list of  the designers.  Some of the names you may recognize, and others may be new to you.  Remember the designers are from Italy, France, the Netherlands, and the US.
Blackbird Designs, With My Needle, Milady's Needle, Shakespeare's Peddler, Homespun Elegance, Prairie Moon, The Workbasket, Thistles,  Dames of the Needle,  Renato Parolin,  Paola Gatti Blu,  Cuore Batticuore,  Dany,  Marie, Sylvaine Lenoir,  MTV Designs,  Yuko,  Maria Concetta,  Lilli Violette,  Niky's Creations,  Maria Teresa Capoberti,  Manuela Albanese,  Contesse,  Giulia Punti Antichi,  Simona Bussiglieri,  Madame Chantilly,  Adelaide,  Red Old Willow,  Baldelli,   and Marie Therese.

I just ordered my folder of designs and can hardly wait to get them in late September after the Italian needlework show has taken place.

More information about this collaboration project is in my previous blog post. 
Last Sunday, we drove to Fort Wayne to check up on how Garrett is doing. It was a long day because it is a 3-hour drive each way. Typically we spend at least one night, but there was too much going on for us to do that this time. 

We were delighted to see Garrett was full of smiles, hugs, and laughter.  He has learned that he can get around by scooting on his bottom.  He needs help polishing his skills at telling "knock knock" jokes.  I also introduced him to "Round and round the garden".  He loved the part where I would tickle him, and he kept putting out his hand and asking me to do it again.  If all goes as planned, he is halfway through the time with his cast--2-1/2 weeks down and 2-1/2 to go.

I can't believe that we took two cameras with us and didn't take a single photo.  Here's one that our son took last week.


Vera said...

Hi Ellen, so glad to hear that Garrett is doing well and half way thru the "cast time!" I'm off to e-mail Niki about purchasing a "folder" of patterns. Thanks for the info!

Margaret said...

I'm so glad to hear that Garrett is happy and healing well. I hope the time in a cast goes quickly and he can get it off in the time expected. I need to email Niki about the folder of patterns!

Annette-California said...

What a hansom little man Garrett is. So happy to hear he's doing well and is full of smiles. I did purchase the folder and am looking forward to it, probably in October by the time we receive. Just in time for my birthday:)
love Annette

Krista said...

What a great list of designers contributing to the cause. I am looking forward to getting my package too! That is great that Garrett is half thru and healing and smiling! I have unfortunately had 3 casts during my lifetime and it is never a fun thing, but things happen! :)

Barb said...

That list of designer is quite impressive! I'm so happy to see little Garrett with a smile on his cute little face!