Monday, November 5, 2012

More from the Amazing Donna!

I'm always excited to hear from Donna G., who lives in Berkeley, California, because I know she's most likely sending me photos of a completed project. 

Donna's most recent completion was Flowers for Lily.  Donna wrote that the stitching went quickly. It just took a while to find the time to do the assembly. 

Many of you may be familiar with Donna's work already because, not only is she an incredible needleworker, she is also very prolific.  You can see more examples of her completed WMN projects by typing "Donna G" in the Search This Blog box just left in the sidebar.

Donna also wrote me that she is now working on Friends in Stitches, a teaching project.  Knowing Donna, I should soon have photos of that project to show you also.

Thanks, Donna, for the photos.  Your work is truly an inspiration to many!  Please keep those photos coming!

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Jennifer said...

Oh Ellen, how precious......LOVE it.

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