Friday, November 16, 2012

More Sampler Tins

How much fun it was to hear from others who also enjoy collecting sampler tins!  I wonder if there was a "run" yesterday on those 100th anniversary Whitman Sampler tins.

I thought that you might enjoy seeing some other sampler tins that are in my office.

Here are enlargements of a few of the tins.

Yesterday I heard from Kathy with more information on the Whitman sampler collection.  Thank you very much, Kathy.  She wrote, The Philadelphia Museum of Art currently has ten Scottish samplers from the Whitman Collection on view to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Whitman Sampler. It's at the Perleman Building, across the street from the museum. 

They have sold some of the samplers from the collection. It came to them with the provision that they could sell whatever samplers they felt were already well represented in the collection, as long as the money realized from the sale was used to purchase other samplers.

When the Whitman sampler collection was owned by Whitman's, it hung in the many stores they had in the area. They also had discovery days where one could bring in samplers. They were documented as being part of the "Whitman Sampler Discovery". That was one way they located samplers to purchase for the stores. When they came across ones they wanted to purchase, they would make the owner an offer.

I've discovered that the Philadelphia Museum of Art has posted on-line color photos of 397 samplers that are part of the Whitman sampler collection.  I don't know if there are any more that haven't been photographed or if any of those shown on-line have since been sold.

Lisa, yes, I'll bring my little book on the Whitman samplers to one of our guild meetings....just remind me in advance.  The book is in black and white except for the cover, which is in color.  There are small photos of 47 of the samplers in the collection.

If anyone else has more information on the Whitman sampler collection, please let me know.

Now....we need to convince the folks at Russell Stover Candy (who purchased Whitman several years ago) to re-release the mini-sampler tins.


Margaret said...

What a great collection you have! I love reading all the history too!

Ellen said...

Wonderful collection of sampler tins! Thanks for the story on the history of Whitman Sampler!

Sure would love to have some of those mini sampler tins ha ha!


Barb said...

What a wonderful collection! I never realized these wonderful sampler tins existed.

Kathy said...

I realized when I read your post that I was incorrrect in stating the samplers were at the Perleman Building. They are exhibited at the main building, in the textile gallery there. I was at the Perleman for something else at the same time.
Sorry for the confusion.

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

Very beautiful !!

bisous from FRANCE

Babs in Alabama said...

love the tins and the stories. I have some of my own but see now I need to look better :)