Friday, January 25, 2013

Introducing "Mini Quaker Samplings"

Quaker Samplings began in 2006 as a pair of samplers, I and II. These samplers were very popular, and so I added Quaker Sampling III to this series. Now with Mini Quaker Samplings, I'm adding two more samplers, Quaker Sampling IV and V. (The package contains charts for both.)

These samplers can be stitched entirely in cross stitch over two linen threads using one ply of embroidery thread. On each of my models, I decided to stitch the first letter of my first name using four-sided stitches to set it apart from the rest of the letters in the alphabet. I cross stitched everything else. These samplers can be stitched on linen or aida.

The models were stitched using one ply of Brethren Blue Sampler Thread from The Gentle Art on 36-count Meadow Rue linen from Lakeside Linens, Inc. We suggest you buy 2, 5-yard skeins of your favorite overdyed thread if you want to stitch both samplers using one ply of thread like we did.

Quaker Sampling IV. Stitch count: 73 wide x 93 high
This sampler features floral and bird motifs that are often found on Quaker samplers.

Quaker Sampling V. Stitch count: 103 wide x 102 high
Medallions are also a popular feature on Quaker samplers, and this sampler features half medallions.  The theory behind stitching only half of a medallion is because it is symmetrical, why stitch the same thing again?

As you can tell from the stitch count, both of these samplers are fairly small making them quick stitches.  I hope you will enjoy them.  Stitch one or both (or perhaps even my whole collection of Quaker Samplings.)

I hope to ship the new charts to shops on my automatic shipment program in early February.


Margaret said...

So pretty! I love the layout on the second one!

Grit said...

So wonderful.
liebe Grüße Grit

Dawn said...

These look great!! Love them both.

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Ellen, I can't wait to get these. I think 4 would be a wonderful grouping!

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woolwoman said...

Love the new Quaker Samplings - Can't wait to get them and we can't wait to see you. Less than 1 month YEAH!!!!! Mel