Thursday, January 31, 2013

More Lovely Finishes to Show You!

Can you believe that we are already at the last day of the first month of 2013?  I can't ever remember a month going by so quickly!

Today I have finishes from Rae Ann and Debbie S. to show you.

First is Rae Ann's Quaker Hornbook.  This project is available only to groups who order 10 or more.  In each package is one gorgeous wooden hornbook and two charts for you to choose from.

Rae Anne stitched her project using the same linen and overdyed thread that I used on my model.  She chose the design that is stitched completely over one linen thread.  (The other design in the package is mainly over two linen threads except for the alphabet, which is over one linen thread.)

Rae Ann, who lives in California,  told me she is relatively new to cross stitch.  One wouldn't know it looking at the project completely done over one linen thread.

Rae Ann also told me that she has several other of my designs to be stitched, including Mrs.  Waddelow's Huswif.  Recently she found two Nantucket baskets and hopes to use them for Mrs. Waddelow's Needlework Basket.  One of her baskets is larger than what I used on my model, and the other is smaller, but I think she'll be able to easily adapt the lining and embroidered basket bottom design to fit her two baskets.  Won't it be fun to see her baskets?

Next is Debbie S.'s Friends in Stitches.  This is a class project, and Debbie was in the class when I taught it for the Ohio EGA State Day a few years ago.  In fact, Debbie was one of the organizers of this fun day.

Debbie wrote, A fellow cross stitcher and a part time coworker from Cross My Heart Ltd. here in Columbus is also a Longaberger consultant.  I collected the Tree Trimmer baskets every year for quite a while and was getting them through her.  However, when money became tight - I stopped.  Cathi knew I like them, so for my birthday a couple of years in a row, she gave me the Tree Trimmer basket.  When I got the 2nd one, you had just taught your class for my EGA Group.  So, even though I had it nearly done, I took out my initials, put Cathi's on the piece and finished it for her birthday present.  I know she enjoyed it very much!  It's a really neat design!

Rae Ann and Debbie,  thank you very much for sending me photos of your lovely work to share with others.  You both did a wonderful job with your projects.  I look forward to seeing more "goodies" from both of you.

Thank you for all the sweet notes about my newest designs.  I've been busy this week packaging the charts to send to the shops on my automatic shipment program.  (The "automatic" shops are highlighted on the shop page of my website.)  The charts were mailed earlier today, so you can expect to see then in the shops in the next few days.

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Nicola said...

It must be thrilling to see such beautiful finishes of your designs.