Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hanging Out in Denver!

Last week I taught three classes for The Sampler Guild of the Rockies in Denver.  I was very honored to celebrate their guild's 20th anniversary with them.  This is a very talented and enthusiastic guild.  If you are ever in the area, see if you can attend one of their meetings.  I think you will be as impressed as I was.

The photos today are from the classes.  I neglected to take very many class photos, but I have lots from the Sunday gathering.  I'll show those to you in a few days.

When you attend a class at The Sampler Guild of the Rockies you are given a beautiful project bag full of goodies.  The bags are made by Shirley, a guild member.  I was thrilled to be given a bag too.  On top of the socks is a very cute coaster in the shape of a teacup.

I think all of these photos are from Saturday's class, A Needleworker's Sampler Huswif.

Here is Patti working on the class project.  Patti is a big sampler lover, so it was no surprise to me that she wants to frame her project rather than make it into a huswif.  Vikki, in the background, was in all three classes along with her mother Dayna.

Here are Kathy and Jen.  Kathy has been program chairperson for the guild for many years and does an excellent job.   I met Jen several years ago when she was living in the Chicago area and had a class with the Lake Michigan Sampler Guild.

Here are Theresa and Katrina.  I asked Theresa to show the wonderful progress she made in class on the needlebook.

Here are Theresa, Katrina, Sherry, Judy, and Jen hard at work.

Here is another view of the class on Saturday.

This is Sandy.  She is originally from Cincinnati and her twin sister still lives there.

Here is a close-up showing Sandy's progress in class on the needlebook.

I'm having major computer issues, but I hope to be able to add more photos soon from this wonderful retreat!


Barb said...

That looks like lots of fun!!

Margaret said...

I am so wishing I could have been there!!!!! I know a few of those ladies virtually, and would have loved to meet them in person, along with you. And take that class I'm desperate to take!! :D

Laurie in Iowa said...

Thank you for sharing the photos Ellen. I know a few of the attendees through on-line groups. One day I'll get to meet them in person... but it was wonderful to see their smiling faces.

Annette-California said...

How wonderful! Look like soo much fun. My fingers are crossed Ellen:)
love Annette

Patti-Rocky Mtn Stitcher said...

Had so much fun and the class projects are being a delight to stitch!

Cathy B said...

Such a lucky group to have these classes with you!

Chris said...

Looks like a wonderful class!