Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More German "Goodies"

Another interesting town we visited was Heidelberg, which is located on the Neckar River.  The oldest university in Germany (established in 1386) is located in Heidelberg.

Next are some views of Heidelberg from the Heidelberg Palace.  In order to get to the palace, you can either take a walk up the very steep hill or ride the funicular railway.  That was quite an experience, especially for someone who doesn't like heights.

The palace suffered heavy damage in the 17th century during the Thirty Years' War.  Some repairs were made, but later the palace was heavily damaged by fires caused by lightning strikes. Large parts of the palace were left in ruins.

I love this sculpture on one of the buildings.

Can you believe the size of this wine barrel?  Wine was collected as tax, and all the wines were mixed in this gigantic barrel with no particular regard to sources or quality.

Several days later, we went to Burg Eltz, a wonderful medieval castle located on a large rock in the hills between the German towns of  Koblenz and Cochem.  The Eltzbach River, a tributary of the Mosel River, surrounds the castle on three sides.

The first record of a castle at this site was in 1157.  It was built to protect a trade route. By 1472 its appearance looked much like it does today, with homes of three families gathered around a courtyard within the walled fortification.  Fortunately, it was never destroyed as happened to so many other castles.  Burg Eltz has remained in the Eltz family for more than 850 years! 

We ended our castle tour in the Treasury where we took some needlework photos.  I'm not sure what the following object is, but I thought you would appreciate the needlework. The museum sign described the object as schröpfkopf in etui des kurfürsten.

Here is a closeup showing the needlework.

Next is an embroidered book cover.

 I'm sorry that I don't have any information about the following items.  If you know anything, please let me know.

There were even some needlework tools.

More to come in a few days....


Margaret said...

What amazing scenery! I love the needlework too!

Barb said...

Incredibly lovely photos. Isn't it interesting how many German homes have red roofs? We visited our son and DIL over there several years ago and I still remember all the red roofs.

Debbie said...

Lovely! Looks like a wonderful trip!

Melissa said...

Ellen, we were at Heidelberg a couple of years ago and your photos just made me so nostalgic for that trip! I wasn't so lucky to see needlework though!

Annette-California said...

This is like Fantasyland (Disneyland) come to life. Very charming villages and love the castle:) My jaw dropped when I saw the book cover - WOW! Beautiful needleworks - I'm so thrilled you got to see these and to share with us. love Annette

Krista said...

What a cultural feast! I love Germany and can't wait to go back. The castle is so grand and beautiful. The sculptures and designs are so rich, it is no wonder where the stitchers from 100s of years ago found their inspiration! Thank you for sharing.

Poussy Stitches My Love said...

superbe !!!
bisous de FRANCE

Melissa said...

Lovely photo's! I hope one day to visit this part of Germany :) I actually have friends who went to university in Heidelberg!!! Thanks for sharing :)

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Oh Ellen, it makes me wish I was there again! Love all the orange roofs and of course, the needlework tools! Hugs.

Patti-Rocky Mtn Stitcher said...

Now you're in my homeland. We left Germany when I was 14 and I miss it still.