Thursday, October 24, 2013

Celebrating Friendships!

The Ackworth Friendship Book is a wonderful way to celebrate the friendships you have in your life  whether you have your friends stitch a page or you stitch all the pages yourself and dedicate them to your friends.

Recently I received this lovely note and photos from Sara L. Her note explains how she chose to honor the special friendships in her life.

Sara wrote,  I'm attaching 3 photos of my recently completed project. What a rewarding experience from start to finish.

I added an extra page to the book, as you will see.  I wanted to remember and honor many of my dear stitching friends that have passed away. I stitched that page myself and included their initials and a small verse: "A little tribute, small and tender just to say I still remember".  I have some small articles from them I will put in the pocket of that page.  

In order to have an even number of panels with the addition of the page I designed, I asked another friend to stitch whatever she wanted from all the Ackworth charts.  This is the panel with initials JW. 

Thanks again for the memorable project.

Sara, I love the way you chose to honor the special friendships in your life with your book.  What a wonderful tribute to those who have meant so much to you.  The extra pages you added are wonderful as is the moving inscription.  I also like the thread colors you chose...just beautiful!  I hope that whenever you look at your special book it will serve as a constant reminder of those people who have meant so very much to you.  Thank you for sharing.

The Ackworth Friendship Book continues to be a very popular project.  It makes a wonderful project for friends to work on and stitch in each other book.  Because you only need to send one page of the chart, a small piece of linen, and the threads, the items can easily be sent to friends throughout the world to be stitched.  For example, my book pages were stitched by friends nearby and also friends in Arizona, Kentucky, Florida, Germany, and France.  Each set of pages forms a pocket.  I asked my friends to each include a note that I could put in the pocket.  Also included in the directions are the directions for making the carrying bag shown under my closed-up book.  Since I'm flying to Wichita for my classes, I won't be able to take many models to show them, but I think I'll try to squeeze in my Ackworth Friendship Book because I think they'll really enjoy seeing it.


Colleen said...

These are wonderful!!! I love Needleprint blog. There is so much information and history there on samplers from long ago.

Barb said...

What a wonderful design!

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Jannie said...

Oh my gosh! I've never seen this book before! I love it and love the way Sara chose her colors! May make a visit to House of Stitches next week as we'll be in Indpls. Maybe I'll have to take a look at this idea. Thx for sharing.