Tuesday, April 15, 2014

More Eye Candy from Down Under!!

Thanks for your interest in our trip "Down Under".  It was truly a wonderful trip--we took over 1900 photos!  (Yes, over 1900 photos!)  The scenery was breathtaking! Over the next few weeks I plan to show you some of our highlights from New Zealand and Australia.  Today I'll focus on needlework-related items.

In my previous post I forgot to show you the wonderful gifts that Clare made me.  She had these and a lovely note waiting for me at Heirlooms.  I'm just sorry that I didn't get to meet her in person.  On the left is a darling needlework case, and on the right is a needlework storage roll.  (A storage roll is a wonderful way to store your needlework when you're not working on it.)

Below is a view of the inside of the needlework case with its felt needlepages, a drawstring bag, and pockets.  I've opened the storage roll so you can see the inside.  I should have put a stitched piece on it to show you how the roll works.  (You'll just have to use your imagination.)  Place your needlework on top of the inside panel and roll it, in this case from right to left.  Once it is rolled up with your needlework inside, tie the ribbons as shown in the photo above.

Here's another view.  Isn't it cool that the needlework case and the needlework storage roll coordinate?

Thank you VERY much, Clare, for your very thoughtful gifts.  I'll think of you whenever I use them.

When I discovered that my hotel in Sydney wasn't too far from Julie's shop, The Crewel Gobelin, and that I would have an evening free, I contacted her about visiting. The Crewel Gobelin has been in business for 29 years!  Julie, who had owned the shop for two years, is the third owner.

Below are a few views of the shop and the open house Julie had.

This is Julie.  Behind her, you can get a glimpse of some of the many linens she carries.

With My Needle Examplar

Quaker Needlework Treasures

Eliza's Pyn Pillow (a complimentary design) and Petite Carnet d'Ouvrages, Livre I (cover only)

one of the Quaker Samplings

Julie told me that Gill F. stitched many of the shop models shown in the photos above.  Gill worked in the shop for about 12 of the 16 years Margaret Fisher owned the shop before Jule bought it. Gill is now working on my newest reproduction, Elizabeth Wood 1822.  I'm hoping she'll send me a photo once she has finished it.

It was so much fun to visit Julie's shop and to meet some of her customers!  I was particularly excited to meet Sandra M. because we've corresponded for a few years. Sandra and her friend Karen drove more than two hours to be at the shop that evening.

After the open house, we went to Julie's for dinner with her family.  Gill and her husband also joined us.  Yummy!  Gill brought a delicious Pavlova that she had made for our desert.  There are strawberries and passion fruit are on top.  Thanks, Gill.  (I want to get your recipe!)

Thank you, Julie, for your very warm hospitality, both at your shop and in your home.  Also, thank you to those who stopped by the shop to meet me.


The Inspired Stitcher said...

What a wonderful trip you had. I'd love to see all the pictures. It just looks like you had the best time!

samplerlover said...

Hi Ellen, it was really lovely to finally meet you :). I know that Karen and I had a wonderful trip down to The Crewel Gobelin. What a wonderful little shop. It was wonderful to finally meet the girls. - Sandra.

Annette-California said...

My heart be still - LOL. Firstly - Love the name "The Crewel Gobelin" reminds me something out of the Harry Potter books. What a beautiful store. Ellen you are not going to believe this but Clare had my name for a Spring exchange. I had just recently received from her also a beautiful needlebook case and storage roll. By the way Lee emailed me after seeing my photo of how I stored my linen in the roll - and she says to place the embroidery down in the roll. That way you keep a better tension on your stitches.
Welcome home Ellen!!! love Annette

Margaret said...

Looks so wonderful! What a trip you had down under! Thanks so much for sharing with us. Just think -- you just missed the royals. lol!

Barb said...

What a wonderful trip. That shop is just amazing, so many wonderful things!

Marilyn said...

Love the shop!
Just look at that wall-of-floss!!
Glad you got to visit, and thanks for sharing all of the pics.

JoAnn said...

You were missed and I would like to welcome you home. Thanks for the lovely photos of the Crewel Gobelin Shop with all the ladies. Almost makes me wish I lived in New Zealand.

Melissa said...

What a lovely shop. It must've been such fun visiting with them! The pavlova looks scrumptious.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Such beautiful gifts you got from Clare.
Sounds like a very exciting trip that you took.
Love Julies shop ~ I'd be heaven if I walked into her wonderful shop!!!
TFS ~ looking forward to seeing more!!!
Prim Blessings