Thursday, July 10, 2014

Stitching Up A Storm

Here are some photos of the latest sampler I've finished.  Can you guess the name?

Perhaps the next photo will help.

Yes, this is my Snooty Parrots from Barbara Ann Designs.  I stitched this fun sampler as part of a Facebook sampler stitch-along.  I made a few changes to the original design--some were accidental, but the most were intentional.  The color isn't the best in these photos, so I'll post a much better photo once I get it back from my framer.

At the same time that I dropped off Snooty Parrots to be framed, I picked up Sovine Palphreyman (an out-of-print chart from Handwork Samplers).  After seeing a photo on-line of the original sampler, I changed some of my thread colors so my version would more closely resemble the antique.

The big decision was where to hang Sovine.  I thought that perhaps some of my family members and friends might be "creeped out" by poor little Sovine's rather morbid verse.  I found the perfect place for her near the top of my staircase.

Since finishing Snooty Parrots, I've been very busy working on the directions and powerpoint class presentation for my new teaching project, Kindred Spirits. This project consists of a beautiful tiger maple divided carrier with stitched bands on the inside, a needleroll, a pin cube, and a scissors sheath.  I hope to be able to show you some photos soon.  The project will premier in a couple of months in Michigan for the Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild.

Of course, I always need to have something to stitch.  My new start was Hannah Pepper (which was published in the magazine Fine Lines).  Knowing that there were some issues in the first section when it was published in the magazine, I decided to start at the bottom.  Here is my progress as of this morning.

I'm often asked how I get so much stitching done.  The best answer is that I'm a poor sleeper (something I don't recommend you try to duplicate).  I am typically up hours before Tom each morning, and I use that time to stitch.  I generally don't stitch much more during the day (unless I'm working on a new With My Needle design).  In the evening, if I'm lucky, I may get in another hour or two of stitching.  I do work in hand, and when possible use the sewing method or a combination of stab and sewing.  Perhaps my stitching would look a bit better if I used a frame, but I love the feel of the linen in my hands.


Margaret said...

Love your Snooty Parrots finish! It's wonderful! Love your Sovine too. And your Hannah Pepper start -- wow! You are making me want to do that one too. But I'm in the middle of other projects. I love to have my linen in hand as well -- it feels great to hold and stitch in hand.

Jackie said...

Your Snooty Parrots looks wonderful! Congrats on your finish.

I would love to stitch in hand but unfortunately my thumb starts to hurt. I really have to use a Qsnap as I don't have to grip much, if at all.

So looking forward to seeing your new stitching project!

Barb said...

Snooty and Sovine look wonderful.

Barbaral said...

Wonderful works, Snooty Parrots is lovely!

Marilyn said...

Snooty Parrots and Sovine are pretty Ellen.
Hannah Pepper looks like she is coming along nicely also.

The Inspired Stitcher said...

Looks good, my friend! See you tomorrow.

Rita said...


I recently acquired the Fine Line issues with Hannah and hope to start before too much longer. (I'm currently working on a big model and my portion of a RR.) Are you stitching yours on 40 ct? I'm debating whether or not my poor old eyes can see...especially the over one parts.

Annette-California said...

Congrats on finishing Snooty Parrots! Looks gorgeous! beautiful framed Solvine! On Hannah are you using NPI threads? I have all the charts/magazines for this one.
Love seeing your progress on Hannah!
love Annette

woolwoman said...

your Snooty is beautiful Ellen and Sovine framed is wonderful too. Glad you found the perfect resting spot for her. Hannah Pepper is coming along beautifully and you know all our Ellenites will want to see your new teaching piece - any chance???
Have a great weekend Mel

JoAnn said...

I'll just echo what everyone else has said, "your Snooty Parrot and Sovine are so pretty. I don't know how you find all the time to stitch in your busy life.

I plan to start stitching soon on your Work'd Pocket Book design. I have all the floss and linen, but I made a vow that I wouldn't start another project until I finished the quilt I started back in the 90's. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. About 7 to 10 more days and I can sew the binding on and then, look out stitching world, I'm Back.

Jo Ann said...


Beautiful work as always. What "issues" does Hannah have ? She is on my "really want to do list." Are you using the colors called for ? Silk or cottons? Thanks for your time. Jo Ann #2

Deb said...

Hi Ellen - I'm so far behind on blog reading and I love your Sovine. Can you tell me what threads you used for your changes. Your version looks so much more like I envisioned the sampler.