Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lovely Finishes from Joan!

I have been greatly remiss in posting photos I've received of some completed With My Needle projects.  Please accept my apologies.

Today I want to show you photos from Joan S. of Minnesota. She likes getting together with friends to stitch projects. Choosing a group SAL project is an annual event for them. The following photos are of some of the With My Needle projects they have stitched over the years.

Joan wrote, In 2008, five of us decided on stitching "My Favorite Things Stitching Basket", and three of us finished it. They were Jill, Chris and myself.  

You've already shown Chris's basket on your blog.  Here is mine.

In 2010, we stitched the "Ackworth Friendship Book". We stitched our needlebooks on 36 count flax and chose our own thread colors. I stitched mine with Belle Soie Enchanted Forest. We stitched two pages of each persons needlebook with the exception of Lori and Jackie who stitched one page each since we had six people and only 10 pages. You showed the completed books here. (Click on the word "here" to see the previous photos.)

In 2012, we decided to stitch "My Needle's Worke Box".  Mine was stitched on 32 count belfast baby lotion with DMC threads. 

My Needle's Worke Box lid
Inside view of My Needle's Worke Box 
One of the sides of My Needle's Worke Box
Another of the sides of My Needle's Worke Box
Another of the sides of My Needle's Worke Box

Perhaps you may remember seeing Joan's beautiful Mrs. Waddlow's Huswif previously. (Click here if you want to see it again.) 

As you can clearly see, Joan is a beautiful, and prolific, needleworker. She told me in her email she has several other With My Needle projects she wants to stitch. I wonder which one she'll chose next.

Thank you, Joan, for sharing photos of your wonderful projects.


Mama Joan said...


I am thrilled to see such a nice post about all of my finishes of some of your designs. Still have quite a few more that I need to do:)

Thank you for taking the time to post these and of course designing them.

Barbi said...

Oh My Word!!! Those are wonderful!!

Margaret said...

What a treat to see these! Just beautiful!

Marilyn said...

What great projects.
Thanks for sharing the pics.

Barb said...

Those are just beautiful! They amaze me as I have only done flat things.

diamondc said...



Annette-California said...

Gorgeous everyone of them! love Annette