Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Long Time, No See...

Please accept my apologies for having been absent from my blog for so long. Thank you for your notes of concern.

Our family has been dealing with a lot over the past few years. We have gone through health issues and the deaths of my father and both of Tom's parents (along with my back and eye surgeries). Our parents' health issues and deaths have caused us to be away from home for long periods of time.  (An indication of how long we've been gone is that we've only seen one snowfall in the last two years. Yes, that's right!)

Between November 2014 and March 2015 we drove to Florida three times and we were there for slightly more than seven weeks total. Tom's father was in the hospital in November and again in February. Sadly, he died on February 23rd. We stayed in Jacksonville eleven or so days longer for his funeral and then to prepare the home, where he lived for sixty years, to go on the market when we returned there a few weeks later.   

We've mainly been playing catch-up whenever we have been home. This means that, other than fulfilling teaching commitments, I've done very little new With My Needle work or updating my blog. I hope to get back to my design activities soon.

Over the past few months I've received quite a few photos of completed With My Needle projects that I plan to show you soon as well as photos from my classes with the Tudor Rose Sampler Guild in April and from Stitchville USA's Spring Fling last weekend. While on these teaching trips, I also had the opportunity to visit (and take photos of) two shops: Stitch Niche in Arlington, Texas and Stitchville USA in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Throw in some photos of the beautiful blue bonnets in Texas and a quick stop in Springfield, Illinois (on my way home from Minnesota) to visit some of the Abraham Lincoln historical sites, and I have LOTS to show you.

We got some exciting news in late February when we learned that our son and daughter-in-law are expecting their second child. (Big brother Garrett thought a good name for the baby would be "Duck Duck Goose". I guess that is why you don't let a 4-year old name his siblings.) Then about a month ago, we got even bigger news--they are expecting twin girls!! Our family has truly been experiencing the circle of life over the past few months.

Since I believe every blog post should have at least one photo, here's Garrett getting ready to be a big brother by putting one of his stuffed animals in a carrier for one of his sisters.


Marilyn said...

Sorry to hear about the passing of your Father and your Husband's parents.
Hope you are feeling better after your surgeries too.
Can't wait to see pics of your retreats and travels.
Congrats on being a Grandma to twins!!
Garrett is too cute. :)

Robin said...

A couple of my stitching pals and I have been wondering what you have been up to. So sorry for the health issues and looses you have been dealing with. How truly correct you are about the circle of life. Much good wishes and good fortune with your coming new additions. I look forward to your posts about your travels. They are always so interesting. Take care and take one day at a time. Robin

Sandra said...

Good to see you back Ellen, look forward to seeing all the now photos.

Vickie said...

I am so very sorry to read of the difficulties you have been through. I am very happy for you all regarding the sweet twin girls on the way.


I am new to your blog. I am so sorry to know that life was not easy the last couple of months for you and your family. Good to read there is good news on the way I hope all will go fine with the baby girls. Keep us posted. Sunny Greetings from New Orleans, Alice

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

TWINS! Oh golly, if she needs any advice - you've got my number :)
You know I've been with you in prayer the last few months! God has your back :)
Exciting to see your photos of your travels and of finished projects from your fans!

Teresa S. said...

Big congratulations on the news of twins! What a blessing they will be!

Hope the due date doesn't interfere with our NSG classes in October???

Margaret said...

Garrett looks so grown up in that pic! I bet he's excited about his twin sisters! I hope you and Tom can slow down now and relax, enjoy life and your grandchildren. You have both been dealing with so much the past few years. Again, my condolences for Tom's father's passing. I was so sorry to hear about that.