Friday, March 4, 2016

Time Is Getting Away From Me!

Once again, time has gotten away from me. Since my last post I've been busy settling in our new home and working on two new teaching projects. In addition, I have these two new family members. Can you believe they are 6 months old?

Then last week we had house guests, Giulia Manfredini and her husband Mario. What a great time we had with them! On Saturday, Giulia taught a class for my guild, The Queen City Sampler Guild. While we were in class, my husband Tom took Mario to the Dayton Air Museum. We also showed them around Cincinnati and introduced them to Graeter's ice cream (a big hit) and our southern heritage with grits and biscuits and sausage gravy. Tom's sausage gravy was a bigger hit than Graeter's ice cream.

Together at the end of the class

Giulia enjoying Graeter's ice cream

Giulia and Mario with a loaded rental car and ready to head to Nashville for the tradeshow

Thank you for all the comments to my last post. I tried to respond to everyone who wrote me, but quite a few of you are "no-reply" which means I can't get an email address to write you back. Now you know why you didn't get a reply from me.

Ellen L. recently asked me in an email about the new model that she saw on the floor in one of my office photos. The sampler, Amidst the Crowd, will be a retail product. This week we got the cover made, but I still need to write the directions. That will have to wait until I finish the two teaching products that will premier in October for the Western Reserve Sampler Guild in northern Ohio.

When I release Amidst the Crowd, I'll also be releasing two other products, A Gift From Heaven, the baby samplers I designed for my twin granddaughters, and Sentiments I and II which are the first two of a set of six small samplers that can either be framed or made into small pillows or pincushions. It will be a while before you see any of these designs in your local needlework shop because I must complete the two teaching pieces first.

The good news is that I have completed the stitching on the first of the new teaching pieces, A Most Engaging Needlebook. If you're interested, you can read a description of it here. I'll post some photos later. Next up will be a sampler that will also premier in October.

I have also updated the teaching page of my website.  
On September 10 and 11th, I'll be teaching the Fruit of the Vine Sampler Huswif and Tokens from the Sea at Lynn's in Madison, Wisconsin.  I recently learned that the beautiful ditty box I use in Tokens of the Sea is being discontinued because it is so hard to make. (Boohoo!)  I've ordered all the remaining stock, but once my supply is gone I won't be able to teach the class with the wonderful box. I have enough boxes for one or two more classes.  If you've ever thought about taking this class, now is your chance before the boxes are gone. Please remember that if you sign up for the class, you must be there in person to get the kit with the box.

Then on October 17th and 18th, I'll once again be teaching for Sue Donnelly at one of her marvelous Stitcher's Hideaway Retreats in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. The class, Kindred Spirits, has been so popular that it quickly filled up with a waiting list. Last week, Sue decided to add a second retreat (October 26th and 27th) and offer the same class, Kindred Spirits. The class is already halfway full, so if you're interested, it's best not to wait. Sue puts on wonderful retreats! Just ask anyone who has gone to one.

Registration information for all the classes can be found on my website. 

Thank you to those who have sent me photos of your recently completed WMN projects.  I get so excited when I see what you have done with my designs.  Since this post has gotten rather long, I'll wait and show the photos in my next post. Thank you for your patience.


Delfi said...

Beautiful grandbabies! And it's good to see that you helped make a good impression on your out-of-town guests via food. I miss visiting with you at The Finishing Touch and am happy that all is well with you. :)

Jackie said...

The girls are growing up so fast!

I'm looking forward to seeing your new releases and your new teaching pieces!

Barb said...

Oh Ellen, those little girls are just adorable. Your family has truly been blessed! I'm looking forward to seeing those small samplers!

Margaret said...

I love seeing your adorable granddaughters! Time goes so fast -- they are growing so quickly! How lovely to have Giulia and her husband stay with you! Can't wait to see your new pieces!

Vickie said...

Your granddaughters are beautiful!

marly said...

Beautiful samplers make me weak in the knees, but beautiful sweet babies make me melt!

diamondc said...

Them babies are so sweet and all smiles love it.
What wonderful house guests you had Guilia is a wonderful designer.
I want to tell you I have had the Pleasure of taking the Kindred Spirits class, if anyone can do the class I recommend it, what a joy it was to meet Ellen and her Husband, and a wonderful and easy class to follow.