Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bunnies in the Garden reminds me of spring time with the bunnies frolicking among the flowers. This is a fun little piece, and today I have three versions to share with you.

The first two photos are from Donna Granger who lives in Berkley, California. Didn't Donna do a beautiful job with the stitching and assembly of the needleroll, fob, and carrot scissors sheath? Did you notice her rabbit scissors?

Donna stitches (and finishes) lots of terrific pieces. I have other examples of her wonderful work to share with you in the coming weeks.

Sandra Kalber of London, England also stitched Bunnies in the Garden. She wrote, "I enjoyed the stitching and used the recommend Old Willow fibers, and I am sad that these are not being made any more."

Sandra must really like this set because she told me that she has made two sets. The scissors sheath is her own creation using the needleroll outside border design. Wasn't she creative? And look at the beautiful dupioni silk she used for her needleroll lining.

Look at what Myrna did with the same
design....she added lots of goodies--a scissors case, box, ruler case, and an additional fob! Wow---another very creative needleworker!!


Anonymous said...

everyone did a fantastic job with their Bunnies in the garden! i think a lot of us stitched this design! i'll have to look up my pictures and send them to you! ;)

it was a fun stitch!

joann in TX

Anonymous said...

just beautifull!!!!
best regards

Nancy said...

All of the finishes are so different and so lovely! I'm so glad you started a blog!

Jennifer said...

You have a cool blog. Love those finishes! Lovely!

With My Needle said...

Didn't these ladies each do a beautiful job with the stitching and finishing the pieces each in her own creative fashion?

Look for more "Bunnies in the Garden" photos later this week. You know what they say about bunnies multiplying.