Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fiddle dee linen for the Mary Wigham SAL didn't arrive yesterday as hoped. Perhaps today will be the charm!

What's a gal to do as she patiently (?) waits?

First, I "buried" myself in luscious silk threads and ribbons for one of my upcoming California classes. The photo doesn't show the beauty of these overdyed threads and ribbons. Imagine also the beautiful red dupioni silk lining.

Okay--I didn't really "bury" myself; instead I made the thread cards for the class.

Then I kept busy with the Amy Eliza Herbert sampler.

(Keep your fingers crossed that my Mary Wigham linen arrives today.)


Anonymous said...

My fingers are crossed for you Ellen as I know that it is very, very hard to be patient when one has ordered anything related to our obsession. LOL - It just has to come today.


With My Needle said...

My faux pas--the linen was being shipped on Tuesday and not due to arrive then

Margaret said...

Oh I love seeing your class preparations! And Amy Eliza Herbert - how wonderful that I get to see your progress! I was just looking at this chart this morning! I'm hoping it's true you'll be teaching at my LNS in NJ in the fall. Can't wait!! Sorry about your Mary Wigham linen. :( Isn't it hard to wait for something to arrive?

The Daily Mel said...

Wow, those thread cards are lovely, Ellen! I was so torn over which of your California classes to take, but opted for the other since it's being offered by my LNS.

Sorry about the linen! Hopefully it will arrive soon. :)

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Hi Ellen, so glad to hear you finished Dutch Beauty, my dear lady is still sitting in her basket - but will be out hopefully soon.

Since this is your birthday month - Happy Birthday.

Also, love the picture of your grandson - toilet paper HUH!!

Take care -- Roberta

With My Needle said...

Thanks all for your comments.

Margaret, I'll keep you posted if anything develops up your way. Let me know if you decide to join me on Amy Eliza Herbert--although I know with your turbo needles that you will leave me in the dust.

Melissa, Glad you like the class kit thread cards. This particular project doesn't have very many colors. Your class kithas lots more thread colors andholes and threads down both sides of the card. I've made up a few extra kits for both classes so if you decide you can do both, just let the organizers know.

Roberta, Yep...I finally finished DB and she is with my framer. Haiden is a real doll...just wish we could see him more. Thanks for the birthday greetings.