Monday, May 25, 2009

In my last blog post I mentioned friendships that have been formed over the internet. Today I am focusing on one such special friendship.

Sandra Carstairs from North Yorkshire, UK and Chrissie Frew from Queensland, Australia first met several years ago on one of the needlework boards. Chrissie wrote, “Since then we have kept in touch, becoming great friends, emailing each other most days. Through our mutual love of stitching, have become great buddies and last year we stitched your series of stitching accessories from the JCS Christmas magazines. We thought you might like to see our photos. Sandra’s is the purple and mine the black and the background fabric is the fabric we lined them with

"Sandra and I love doing our SAL together and last year we stitched a different ornament each month for the year and enjoyed it so much that this year we decided to do another SAL together and this time we are doing bigger projects and each of us have turn about at choosing what that project will be. Because we both have the same tastes in stitching, this is always an easy choice.

"Thanks again Ellen for the beautiful charts you design for us (we have several more waiting to be stitched.)”

Sandra and Chrissie recently completed Flowers for Lily. Aren’t their pieces lovely? Both ladies decided to tuft their pincushions and tie the cases closed with a ribbon. Each chose a pretty floral print for the case lining.

The first two photos are Chrissie's work.

Here are photos of Sandra's project. Look at what she added to the side of the pincushion.

Thanks, Chrissie and Sandra, for sharing photos of your beautiful work and telling the story of your special friendship. I know that you all are excited about being able to meet in person later this year when Sandra and her husband travel to Australia. What a wonderful time that will be!!


woolwoman said...

What exquisite work these ladies have done. I always enjoy seeing their work on the boards.

Sandra said...

Thanks for telling the story of our friendship Ellen, long may it continue.


Chrissie said...

Thanks for showing our work Ellen and how lucky we are nowadays to be able to make these love friendships via the Internet.

Anonymous said...