Thursday, May 21, 2009

Queen of fragrance, Lovely Rose
The beauty of thy leaves disclose:
The winter's past, the tempests fly,
Soft gales breathe gently thro the sky.
The lark sweet warbling on the wind
Salutes the gay return of spring

(Dr. Wm. Broome, 1820)

Spring has indeed arrived with flowers everywhere. Today I want to share flowers with you from both my yard and from a couple of needlework projects.

Back in 2005, Veronique Million from France stitched the little bag from Accept This Posey for her friend's birthday. Veronique wrote, “I finished my
present to Lynn. This is one of your designs I personalized for her. I changed it to blue as the lining fabric is blue and green (shown above the bag).”

Niky from northern Italy made a sweet little bookmark using a part of this design. Isn’t that a creative idea?

Look at what Catherine Harb from Nantes, France did with the design! She wrote “I stitched this lovely project for a friend of mine in 2003. I made the stitching and the finishing for the accessories and gave the main sampler to my framer to have it finished as a box.”

Don't you love Catherine's idea of a box to hold needlework tools? In her open box shown below you can see the scissors case and needlebook that are included in the chart package?

Did you notice that Catherine translated the verse into French, her native language?


Anonymous said...

Just beautifull like always!!!!

Marie said...

as I am the happy owner of this box, I can confirm that Catherine' interpretation of your lovely design is very beautiful :-)