Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Robbin's Quaker Turtles win a red ribbon!

Here are some more photos from Robbin Douglas of Massachusetts. I don't think I realized earlier how many of my pieces she has stitched.

The first photo is of Robbin's Quaker Turtles. As you can see from the photo, Robbin entered them at a fair and won red ribbon! Way to go, Robbin!!

Robbin wrote, "I loved this chart the moment that I saw it. I managed to find the green fabric and thread at my local shop and started in on it right away. The stitching was easy although I found that my thread wanted to fray a lot. Finishing wasn't hard because your directions are wonderful but it was time consuming and I'm glad that I finished each turtle as it was stitched so that I wasn't left to play with all of those little limbs at the end.

"I enjoyed the project so much that I decided to enter it in the Big E, which is the New England states fair. I wouldn't usually enter cross stitch but this was so much fun. I had to find a basket for them because I couldn't find the basket that you used (wouldn't you know I found it last week!) but managed something that worked and lined it with the fabric that I used for my turtles. I was thrilled when it won a second place ribbon because the cross stitch competition is very tight.

"Right now it lives on my dresser until I can rearrange my display cabinet. I had it on my dining room table but my cats seemed to think that the turtles should come out and play and I found the thimble pocket trying to escape down the hallway!"

Next are Robbin's set of ornaments. She wrote, "I also stitched the set of accessories that were put out as Christmas ornaments in the Just Cross Stitch issues years ago. I bought all of the fabric and thread in one dyelot as recommended and stitched them year to year. Then I found some silk dupioni that matched the thread perfectly and finished up the set. These don't travel so they're in much neater condition. :)"

Thanks, Robbin, for sharing photos of your beautiful stitching and finishing work!! I'll put your Quaker Pin Cube in a future blog post.

The Quaker Turtles are on their way to becoming my all-time most popular design! It is fun for me to see completed turtles from all over the world. The ornaments were part of a 4-part series in JCS. I need to get them out in a chart package for those who missed the project in the magazine.

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Margaret said...

Robbin is amazing, isn't she? I'd love to meet her someday -- and you as well!

Pat said...

I am enjoying your blog very much.

Robbin said...

Wow, someone wants to meet me? I feel like a star! If you ever come to Celebration of Needlework in NH sometime or come to Massachusetts, let me know -- it's great fun meeting people. Thanks, Ellen, for putting up my pictures and for your nice comments. Maybe someday I'll finish up some class pieces. :)