Thursday, June 18, 2009

Busy Bee Sewing Case and Remember Me Sewing Pocket by Peggy

I can't remember when Peggy Cook from Knoxville, Tennessee and I first "met". I know that it must be at least 17 years ago because it was before I helped to co-found the Queen City Sampler Guild nearly 15 years ago.

Peggy and I both love to stitch reproduction samplers. Over the years we've exchanged some very long letters and photos about the samplers we were stitching and also news about our families. We were finally able to meet in person when Peggy came to Cincinnati to take a class sponsored by my sampler guild.

Twice I've visited Peggy in her home and saw her exquisite samplers in person. I don't know when I've seen so many wonderful stitched samplers in one place!! Peggy later became obsessed with doing miniature samplers and later with needlework accessories. What a magnificent needleworker she is!

Sadly, we don't write each other as much as we once did.....back before we were on the internet. I think that our lives have just gotten so busy. However, I still fondly remember going to the mailbox and opening up one of Peggy's wonderful letters---often 10 pages long or more. I would read and reread each one.

Peggy recently sent me photos of some of my earliest designs that she stitched years ago.

First is Peggy's Busy Bee Sewing Case. Her first photo shows the case front, and the second one shows the case back. The third photo shows the case inside and the scissors weight.

The verse on the case front reads, Like the busy bee, may I with industry ever be. The darling bee lining fabric is included in the package with the chart and assembly directions.

Peggy also sent me a photo of her Remember Me Sewing Pocket. Peggy told me this is one of her favorites.

The project has 3 parts: a sewing case or pocket which can be worn around your neck as a name tag or simply to keep your needlework tools handy, a needlebook, and a scissors weight.

Peggy and I both stitched our projects over one linen thread, but you could stitch yours over two linen threads if you want to have a larger pocket....great for holding even more needlework treasures.

I particularly like using my pocket as a nametag at needlework seminars or tradeshows because I can slip my hotel room key, cash, and a credit card in it and not have to carry my wallet.

Another option for this design is to stitch and frame either the front or back of the pocket or both of them. Wouldn't they make cute petite samplers? Or how about making them into ornaments or pillows? Let your creative juices flow.

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