Monday, June 22, 2009

Tom left early this morning to go out of town on business. He called a few hours ago and said I would never guess what building he was facing. Much to his astonishment, I blurted out, " Needlepoint, Inc. " He was in shock that I knew immediately where he was. (I explained that years ago I had gone there myself when I was in town with him on another business trip.)

The funny thing is that after we hung up, I almost phoned him back to ask him to take a photo but decided that would be a crazy request. Can you imagine my surprise when I came up to check my email before going to bed and found this photo? I guess after nearly 39 years of marriage, we are beginning to think alike.

Can you guess where he is? Perhaps the street sign in the lower left corner of the photo will give you a clue to the city.

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jill said...

He is in San Francisco - a favorite citys and a REALLY favorite shop!!!!