Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quaker Turtles by Nathalie

More Quaker Turtles!!

Each of these four little turtles is a unique needlework “treasure”—a needlebook, a pincushion, a pocket, or a scissors weight. Both the upper (carapace) and lower (plastron) shells feature a Quaker motif. Just as the shell protects the turtle, these turtles will protect your needlework tools.

Nathalie sent me lots of photos of her turtles. I've chosen the best ones to share with you. From the photos, it looks like Nathalie stitched her turtles over two linen threads instead of over one thread like the model. The larger turtles give her more room to store her needlework tools.

Nathalie's turtles look like they are anxious to escape their basket.
Here are the turtles turned over so
you can see their lower (plastron) shells.

This turtle has a pocket for a thimble or a very small pair of scissors.

This turtle opens up to reveal a needlepage.

It looks like Nathalie's turtles have left their basket and have settled
in her new glass-topped display table. Isn't that a great table?

I hope that you can see in the photos Nathalie's wonderful stitching and finishing! Wow, Nathalie!! You did a terrific job! Your lining fabric is perfect.

You can see more images of Quaker Turtles by clicking on Quaker Turtles in the sidebar on the left side of this page or clicking here.

Tomorrow my daughter and her family are arriving for a short visit. I need to start child-proofing the house for Haiden who is nearly 18 months old. I think my Quaker Turtles will be too tempting for him. I sure don't want Haiden around needles, pins, or scissors.


Margaret said...

I love these turtles! Yet another project I want to get to!

Анна - Зонт said...

O! I love them! I am in the process of this designe now.