Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Petit Sampling Etui (a limited edition collaboration project)

After yesterday's post about A Petit Sampling Etui, two blog readers wrote that they are working on this project. "Stitch Witch" and Pat, I would love to see photos of your panels in progress. Pat, maybe you could also send me some photos from your next guild meeting showing your members stitching on their etuis.

I agree there is lots of stitching on this project. I know first-hand because I stitched my own model; then I stitched the panel I designed a second time for the model on the product cover. You'll find that panels 3 and 4 go faster than the first two because they are mainly cross stitch over two linen threads except for the verse on panel 4. On my model, I put the panel I designed on my etui front.

There are several other options for finishing this project if you don't want to make an etui. One idea is to frame the panels individually, or you could put several together in one frame. Another idea is to get your framer to make you a small casket or box with openings on the four sides and the top. Wouldn't that be lovely?

Here are more flower photos from my recent trip to Texas.
Look at the wonderful place I found to stitch and enjoy the flowers. I'll pull up another chair if you care to join me. I'll be working on Mary Wigham this weekend. I have only two motifs and her name left to stitch.

What will you be working on ?


Véronique said...

It is with pleaser that I read your news, but I does'n write always a comment because my englis is not famous that I speak french. I love very much your works.

With My Needle said...

Merci pour votre note.

Votre anglais est meilleur que mon français.