Monday, August 31, 2009

Where does the time go? On August 28th, our daughter, Carolyn, and her husband, Greg, celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary. Tom and I tried to convince them to take a trip and let us babysit Haiden who is now 19 months old. They didn't want to leave Haiden for that long, but decided that they would at least go out to dinner and let us take care of Haiden for the evening.

Here they are ready to go out to dinner. A very nice looking couple, in my humble opinion.

Haiden is very much at the "Mommy" stage, so we entertained him in his bedroom while Mommy and Daddy made their departure.

Dinner went well....

After dinner, he had a little pout on his face and his eyes looked teary--I think that's when he realized his parents weren't there. Tom quickly took him over to the sofa to read. (Tom claims that he read each of the 7 books at least 3 times each--a slight exaggeration, but not too far from the truth). I don't think Haiden normally would have sat still that long, but he had had a very full day and not much of a nap.

Next Tom laid Haiden down, and as you can see he was fast asleep.

When Carolyn and Greg returned home an hour later, they were surprised to see Tom reading and me stitching, and Haiden asleep in his bed.

Sunday was a beautiful day, so we headed downtown.

I love this photo of Haiden looking at his refection in the "Bean".

And then, all too soon, it was time for us to leave Chicago and drive home to Cincinnati. It was so hard to leave this sweet little one!


Jennifer said...

Cute couple! Your grandbaby is having lots of fun in that picture in the stroller!

Jennifer said...

hey, I forgot to tell you that I'm looking forward to you coming to teach a class in Buford Ga. next summer! I'm one of Terries(the Dogwood Patch) friends and shoppers! Cool! Buford is about 50 minutes from my house but I will most likely be there.


Margaret said...

Haiden is just so adorable! And his parents are pretty cute too. :D They make a beautiful couple. Happy anniversary to them! I hope you get to see Haiden again soon.

mainely stitching said...

Beautiful family photos! :D

woolwoman said...

I know you had a wonderful visit with your family in Chicago - those times are so special and precious. mel

Sheila said...

Haiden is a little cutie and he is growing so fast :)

With My Needle said...

Thanks everyone.

As you can see Haiden is growing up quickly. It is hard to get a good photo of him as he is constantly on the move.

Jennifer, I'm looking forward to meeting you next June in Georgia.